How to Visit Pakistan Military Academy (PMA)

Arguably the best institution of Pakistan, Pakistan Army is ranked 11th in the list of world’s strongest military forces. With the largest number of serving military personnel, Pakistan military has led several successful operations in this ongoing war on terror.

Pakistan Military Academy (PMA), is a two-year military academy program for the people wanting to pursue their careers in the Pakistan Army. Located at Kakul, the academy has four training battalions, and 16 companies. Approximately 2,000 guests from over 34 countries visit and admire the wonderful facility every year. Many countries that share strategic interests with Pakistan send their own troops to PMA for training and grooming because of the high standards provided by the facility. The academy provides four year undergraduate program that leads to the Bachelor of Military Arts and Sciences(BMAS) including important phases of learning encompassing a wide range including English, Military Geography, National and International Affairs, Islamic Studies, Military and General Science or Social Sciences. People from overall the world want to visit the facility and hence there is a procedure to be followed.

Firstly a letter is to be written to the GHQ (General Headquarters) of Pakistan Army located in Rawalpindi, stating the time of visit i.e Month, Day and Time. Along with it the proposed reason of the visit is also to be mentioned because the security agencies need to identify if there is any security risk involved in a visit by someone from outside. It is however to be kept in mind that people with Pakistan army background or having close relation with the army are given preference over the general audience. The GHQ replies within a week or so stating if not or if you can visit the facility.

After that, details of the people visiting are to be provided to GHQ. It includes the National Identity Cards, Passport copies of International visitors, Character Certificate issued by the police of the city. After details are sent to GHQ, they approve or disapprove the visit. If the visit is approved, the Army hosts the guests including the provision of pick and drop services for the visitors.

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