How to Treat Drug Addiction in Pakistan

Drug addiction is considered bad for many reasons and major among them all is that it destroys families. When a person starts drugs, for any reason, they don’t look through the boundaries. Each drug user can quit but it will need radical steps. Some drugs are easy to quit while others leave severe side effects. Once it is stopped for a while then it will be upon the person to go through that similar life cycle or leave it forever. There should be punishment only if there is a crime committed while being under the influence but if a person is going through any rough patch, it is better to help him because at the end of this darkest life, he will not have friends, families or even enemies.

Never trust a person who either sells drugs or use it. Even if he is your father, he will betray you. I have seen people leaving their kids just so they can get high.Anonymous Dealer

If you know anyone who is going through drug addiction, it is important to help them by every mean possible because 90 percent of the times, they cannot make this decision as drugs ruin brain cells. Being violent towards them will only increase their urge. Most of the drug addicts keep using it so they can forget about the harsh realities of life. Even if they are willing to stop using it, people’s violent behavior towards them may not help at all in their decision to quit. So it is highly recommended to know the patient and start the treatment. We have scientific approach as well radical approach towards this quitting process. It may seem harsh or unfair but when we asked from an ex addict, he responded in a different way than science would have.

It is not easy to quit, tears and words will never make a user to quit that easy. Be tough, rough and stay firm during the process because it will be painful like a virus but at the end you will see fruits.Anonymous Dealer

We have gathered two solutions, one according to the books and how science wants to resolve it. And second is a radical solution to this problem which was recommended by Anonymous ex-drug user and dealer. Either way, it is a painful and heart breaking process for the families who are suffering because of this. We hope our information will help you resolve this issue before its too late.

Drug treatment in pakistan

Common Treatment for Drug Addicts in Pakistan

Patient should be sent to rehab as they are qualified and experienced in addressing patients need. Based on scientific research the following key principles should be considered while carrying out the treatment:

  • Addiction is complicated but treatable. It affects brain function and behavior.
  • There is no universal treatment as each body reacts in different way.
  • People need to have readily available treatment.
  • Effective treatment addresses all of the patient’s needs, not just his or her drug use.
  • Staying in treatment long enough is critical for better recovery.
  • Counselling and other behavioral therapies like Narcotics Anonymous are the most commonly used treatment.
  • Medications are often an important part of treatment and required during withdrawals, especially when combined with behavioral therapies.
  • Treatment plan must be reviewed very often to suite patient’s need.
  • Treatment should address other possible mental disorders and their solutions.
  • Detoxification is only the first stage of treatment.
  • Treatment doesn’t need to be voluntary to be effective.
  • Drug use during treatment must be monitored continuously and reduced over the period of time.
  • Treatment programs should test patients for HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B and C, tuberculosis, and other infectious diseases as continuous use of drugs might have lead them to suffer from those illnesses as well. In treatment centers or Rehabilitation centers, patients are taught about infectious diseases.

After withdrawal symptoms have faded away, it is important for patient to follow the basic principles:

  • Stop using drugs
  • Stay drug-free
  • Be productive in the family, at work and in society

Radical Approach For Drug Abuse Treatment

Radical approach doesn’t require rehabilitation centers or treatment plans. Some people just cant quit and even the families may not be able to afford rehabilitation centers. This treatment and approach is not tested by scientist as it is straight forward and harsh but according to an ex-dealer & ex-user, it will be the most effective one!

Don’t take drug problem as a small issue because it can change shape of society, family and culture. If they don’t quit for lacking will power then make them quit before it is too late.Anonymous Dealer

According to an Ex-Dealer, following steps should be considered to make treatment work:

  • Add sedative and keep them asleep for 7 days or bit more.
  • Keep them locked for 7 days as they may get agitated and aggressive during detoxification “DETOX”.
  • Keep an eye on them and don’t let them out of sight.
  • For first 7 days, have a heart of lion, don’t believe their tears, their voices and put a stone on heart.
  • They will yell and scream, don’t let it effect your emotions. It is a test for you and the patient. You become weak then they will stay prey to addiction.
  • Take them away from individuals and society for few weeks till the withdrawal ends.
  • Delete their contacts and don’t let them use anything related to social media and communication.
  • Don’t hit them or curse them but treat them with love and care.
  • Don’t make them feel they are alone, keep reminding them that the family stands by them.

If you survive first two weeks of hell, heaven will surely wait for you at the corner.Anonymous Addict

Once 2 weeks are passed in loneliness without any interference from outside, patients will starts to come back slowly. He will start thinking normal again. He will be apologetic, don’t ruin it, accept it. Acceptance is what they will be seeking, so accept new person. Keep them away from all the contacts for a good long month or more till they are able to understand what they had done wrong and how far they had come.

Radical process is harsh but you are saving life, so don’t be sad or feel bad during the process. It will end and peace will prevail.

Once the drugs are out of system, they will become normal. First few weeks will be tough and rough but don’t let emotions come in between. Withdrawal symptoms will not be easy to go through but they eventually end. After the treatment, keep an eye on them, don’t let them think the same way that had lead them to do drugs at first place. And most of all, keep them away from that circle because it will take only one more smoke of ICE or Heroin or any other drug and they will be back in problem. Help them, keep them away and appreciate what they have achieved.



  1. Well after reading this article all I want to say to all the family members of the addicted person is plz don’t even think to try that bloody RADICAL way of treatment because if you force any one to do anything he won’t like to do you are simply enlarging his own statement to stick with the addiction I am also an addict for 13 years had 3 rehab programs now am only 32 and want to quit but no possible way is to be seen

  2. 03202277815. Contact me. Rehabs are just making cash over it. I have been clean from heroin for almost 2 years now alhamdulillah and i never went to any rehab. Please call me if you need any help. Always here to make your life better somehow.

  3. Hi Hina suleman,
    The best informatieon you have share on this page about the treat of drug addiction and alcoholism in Pakistan that also have other mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and PTSD it is extremely important that those issues are treated at the same time as the substance abuse issues. For those individuals, dual diagnosis residential treatment facilities are the best choice because they are equipped to treat all of these issues simultaneously, increasing the chances of long-term success drastically. One of the most common causes of relapse for those new to recovery is untreated or undertreated mental health issues. This potential roadblock can be avoided by placing yourself or your loved one in a dual-diagnosis residential treatment program.

  4. I believe the radical treatment will only cause relapse I am an addict and I used for 13 years this radical treatment will only cause the denial to become stronger. NA 12 step program is the only way to sobriety. See Hollywood for instance Russel Brand is one of the biggest example.

    1. What is this 12 step program? Where do we get this to cure heroin addiction? Please reply.. in need of it urgently.. thanks

        1. kindly contact house of wellness Islamabad 0335-
          5555469. the best rehab center in pakistan. I am heroine recovered and my therapist were outsatanding and dedicated kindly contact them.

      1. Dr. Rizwan consultant Psychiatrist is here to help for detoxification and relapse prevention, plz feel free to contact me on 0334 6750515.

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