How To Tell If He’s Really Interested In You

Things guys do if they are interested in you

Do you ever get a vibe from a person that he really likes you but he never says it to your face. Well sometimes guys try it the hard way to get you to like them or in some cases they are not confident enough to confront you with the truth they hide within themselves. But there are some signs that depict that a guy is really into you and he’s hiding it from you.

He Initiates the Conversation

Is he always the one to start any kind of conversation with you? Does he always speak to you before you do? Well, he likes you if he does. The thing to consider is that why would a guy try to talk to you and make a healthy conversation with you if he’s not interested in you. I mean if you look carefully you’ll notice all the efforts he’s trying to put to connect with you. He will always find an excuse to text or call you.

So if someone does this around you, he surely likes you.

He Stares At You

Staring at things that things that we like is a human psychology so if he looks if he keeps staring at you while talking, he’s really interested in you.

You Find Him Around Most of The Time

The people we like, the individuals we love, we want to be around them all the time so we can make a connection with them. So if you find him around most of the times, it’s a clear sign that he likes you and he wants to be around you to make a healthy connection with you.

He Never Ignores You Text

A gut who likes you would never miss any of your texts and will reply you as soon as possible. He doesn’t want you to feel that he is trying to ignore you rather he would reply within no time to make you feel important. There are times when a person is really busy and he can’t text back, even if that happens once in a while, he will apologize for it by stating the reason why he couldn’t reply in time.

He Never Forgets A Thing You Say

So you told him something and even if you forget that you told this to him, he’ll definitely remember every thing you say. Because when a person means something to you, you try to pay more attention to them, you try to remember the things they say and the choices they make.

So if you think you can get along fine with this guy, you should probably go for it!


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