How To Stay Calm In A Polarized Political Environment

The election is upon us once more, and so is the tension and stress it carries with it.

So what to do in this time of distress?

Here’s some ways to relieve this pre and post election stress!

  • Vote: The most you can do for the party you support is to vote on the election day, and this simple act does also resolve the stress related to this because it creates the sense of responsibility that you did your part.
  • Monitor your social media/news consumption/set limits: Its fine to want to know what’s going on, but don’t over-do it trying to know everything there is possibly to know. Over-indulgence with social media and constantly surveying the news will only produce more stress.
  • Reward yourself: Having something to look forward to. Creating some sort of reward for yourself after you’ve voted will not only be an encouragement to vote but also relieve the mood once you leave the voting station.
  • Avoid toxic company: You’re already stressed and more stress is not welcome. Avoid people or conversations that will get your head spinning. Choose your battles wisely.
  • Agree to disagree: Avoid debates. Try to find common ground you both agree on or care about if you find yourself conversing with an opposing party’s supporter. If that doesn’t work, just avoid the conversation/topic altogether.
  • Expect distress: You did your part by voting. It’s the most you can do for those you support. Expect some realistic feelings of helplessness to strike after voting. Accept that there will be post-voting despair, and try to counter it.
  • Take on activities: If you’re stressed to the point where you’re determined to do something more for the party you support, engage yourself to volunteer and participate in activities they might conduct.
  • Give Respect: If you can’t stop yourself from discussing politics with people then learn to respect other people’s views and opinions and not try to enforce yours on them.
  • Remember that life will go on: The fact that elections decide the country’s future is not deniable, but so is the fact that life goes on. Your favorite party may or may not win the election, but in either case what’s done is done and cannot be undone, so try to wrap your head around that and accept things as they come.

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