How to Start Poultry Farming in Pakistan

Broiler meat is a rich source of protein with an ever growing demand. In broiler farming, the Day Old Chicks (DOCs) of specific broiler strain e.g. Babcock, purchased from reputed hatchery/ company are raised on specially formulated feed for a period of about six weeks, with a turnover of six flocks per year. Both rural and semi-urban areas are suitable for this business.

Success of broiler farm largely depends on good management practices. After brooding and rearing period, birds are sold at farm gate on ‘Live Body Weight’ basis to traders or transported to market. The farm gate price of live bird is determined on daily basis.

In the proposed broiler farm, the Day Old Chicks (DOCs) are raised on high protein and energy feed in a conventional open housing system for a period of six weeks (All in-All out system). The purpose built farm is acquired on rental basis. After six weeks, the birds are sold on live body weight basis to traders, wholesale markets or sold directly to the shopkeepers in the urban markets. With ever increasing demand for white meat, broiler farming can be a profitable venture. Annually, six flocks of birds are raised on the farm, depending on area climate.

In this article, all the calculations have been based on a flock size of 10,000 birds. As six flocks are produced per year, hence total 60,000 birds are reared per year. There will be a lag time of two weeks for cleaning and disinfection (e.g. fumigation) on the farm.

Controlled Shed Poultry Farm Setup in Pakistan

  • The broiler farming must begin with a clean and sanitized shed. The layout of open conventional shed should be north-south to ensure clean, dry and well-ventilated shed as this provides fresh air and carries off humidity.
  • The entire building and all equipment should be properly disinfected and fumigated. The equipment and walls of the shed should be checked for cleanliness, disinfection and spraying before the arrival of DOCs. Disinfectants can be prepared with Phenol, Potassium Permanganate, Carbolic Acid and Formalin. A solution of Sodium Hydroxide/Caustic Soda with warm water can also be used to clean the house.
  • To sanitize the shed from germs and insects, it is fumigated with Formaldehyde gas, produced by putting Formalin on Potassium Permanganate. The house should be vacant and sealed for 30 minutes after the fumigation so that the gas infiltrates in every corner.
  • Litter is spread on the floor to prevent direct contact of birds with the floor. Rice-husk and sawdust are generally used as litter. It should be dry and free of molds. Caked or moldy material should be removed and refilled with fresh materials. Extensively wet and dusty litter should also not be used. Using new litter for each flock is good for raising disease-free broiler birds.
  • The DOCs should be procured from well reputed hatcheries and should be of uniform size, active and bright eyed, having healed navel. The skin of shanks should be shiny.
  • The DOCs should arrive at the farm early in the morning so that the management has a full day to observe them for any issue.
  • Flushing should be done by offering 250 gm glucose per gallon of water as readily available source of energy and to clear the digestive tract.
  • Keep light at high intensity 20–22 hours per day for the first week. Closely regulate temperature of shed.
  • Special attention should be given to temperature and relative humidity maintenance in the shed. The temperature for brooder should be 99 F, encircled by chick guard/sheets. The brooder is essential part of broiler farming, also known as ’Artificial Mother’ as it provides necessary heat to DOCs shortly after arrival till 7 days of age.
  • Mostly, 24 hours light is provided during brooding and early growing period. Initially, for first fifteen days, light intensity should be 40-60 watts per 200 sq. ft of space which can be replaced by 15 watts bulb in the start of third week.
  • Starter feed should be offered as a source of energy to chicks as it is easily digestible and a good source of energy. Broilers are fed two types of ration i.e. broiler starter (mash or crumb form) fed up to four weeks of age and then broiler finisher (mash or crumb form) fed from fifth to sixth week. There are many feed mills that prepare these formulated feeds.
  • Feeding three or four times each day will stimulate feed intake and prevent wastage. The desired Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) is 2.20. Check regularly the availability of water and feed for chicks.
  • Keep feed free from aflatoxins. Remove all leftover feed from bins, hoppers and troughs.
  • Place rodenticide out of the reach of DOCs.
  • Remove dead birds immediately and dispose them properly. Send the dead birds to lab for postmortem examination if there is excessive mortality.
  • Follow bio-security plans by not allowing visitors or attendants to enter sheds without disinfected boots and clothes.
  • Follow the recommended vaccination schedule. Vaccination can be provided to chicks through eye drops, drinking water and subcutaneous injections.

Factors for Successful Poultry Farming in Pakistan

  • Background knowledge and related experience of the entrepreneur in broiler farm operations.
  • Application of good poultry husbandry practices such as timely feeding, watering, lighting, vaccination, medication, temperature / humidity control and culling of uneconomical birds to ensure flock’s best performance and higher efficiency in disease-free environment.
  • Awareness of supply and demand of chicken in the market as the price of chicken meat fluctuates throughout the year.
  • Efficient marketing of the project and bulk supply to wholesalers

Rural and peri-urban areas around major cities are suitable for setting up a broiler farm. Setting up a farm at an isolated place will minimize the risk of disease. Proximity of the farm to the city enables the farmer to establish links with the market for buying farm inputs and selling of grown-up birds, swiftly. Suburban and rural areas around big cities e.g. Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Hyderabad, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta are recommended for starting a broiler farm.

Marketing of chickens follow traditional channels of distribution. Generally, grown-up birds are distributed in the market through market agents and intermediaries such as Arhti and wholesalers. In some cases, the middleman provides DOCs and other farm inputs (feed, vaccination, medication etc.) to the broiler farmers under a contract to buy back mature birds from them.

Birds are transported to the urban market and are sold to retailers or market street poultry shops. Few poultry meat processing plants process raw poultry meat into dressed chicken, quality cuts or other forms to the market. The integrated processing units distribute frozen and dressed chicken packed in whole or cut-ups to the consumer through retail shops under their brand names. Major domestic markets include all major cities across the country including Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Quetta etc. The wholesale and retail price of poultry meat is determined daily on consumer’s demand and supply situation.

Investment Required for Poultry Farming in Pakistan

Controlled shed poultry farming in Pakistan requires total estimated investment of Rs. 2.16 million with a staff of 03 persons. This project is proposed to be started on 90% debt and 10% equity basis. The project’s Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Net Present Value (NPV) and payback period are 51%, 4.96 million and 1.48 years respectively. Details of these financials can be studied in the pre-feasibility business plan of poultry farming in Pakistan by SMEDA.

Poultry Farming in Pakistan Urdu Guide

Download SMEDA prepared poultry farming guide in Urdu.


  1. hi i am Muhammad abrar ahmad
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  2. Salaam,
    I am joboess and want to start poultry farm business in Karachi. Can any one tell me how much caital required for small farm of 1500-2000 birds . And is it a good idea for me to start poultry farm business . Is it profit able amouag gaints already in market.

    1. hi i am a vet and according to me it wont give you any advantage you will just put hardwork and get very less profit. try to start with a bit more chicks,
      moreover why dont you take stuff on credit and you can then pay them back later.this is how it goes on in poultry industry.

      1. Assalam.o.Alaikum Dr. Fatima. I want to start this business, and it seems that you are familiar with this. can you plz give me some information. I am totally new to this. can you plz email me.

      2. Your concern is good but the culture here in Pakistan is now bit different. Doing business on credit is v difficult because of the trust issues. For poultry you have to put a lot of investment till you start earning and the main factor is management.

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  4. Salam. I’ve available space of almost 1500 square feet. Being jobless person can I start the poultry farming on small scale. ? Positive feedback will be highly appreciated.

    1. yes for sure, you can build a farm on the said area from 1500 to 2000 birds capacity, and as you new in this business so at start small investment and business initiative will never upset you. poultry business is a great opportunity.

  5. Any body near rawalpindi Islamabad want to come in partnership to start poultry farming… Contact me 03002444424.. I myself want to do this business

    1. I am from Rawalpindi already in this business on small scale.
      if you are interested you may contact me if you need assistance

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    1. Dear Friends,
      I am leaving for Pakistan permanently on Jan 2019 and going to start by business ASAP.
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      Thank You !

  7. I want start poutrly broiler farming in karachi any one have shed on rent pleeas inform me in WhatsApp
    And iwant other information also

    1. Yes! It is, This is one of the high profit business of agricultural industry, it’s depends how you are taking care of your birds

  8. I have a shed but it’s not controlled. I want to start broiler farming there. Please guide me. Help will be highly appreciated. And if anyone interested to invest with me, do let me know.

  9. Asalam o alaikom brothers !

    I have land in rawalpindi , if anybody wants to be partner in the field of poultry !
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  10. Asalamo Alakum anyone from you wants land or lands for this business in city Karachi or in my village Province Sindh Pakistan, can contact me in my mobile number which is 03333789628.

  11. Sir I have read this article it is informative about shed but I want to know what is the cost building a controlled shed excluding land and pleas can you tell me what is profit margin approximately please mail me the details

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    This is Khawar from Karachi.
    Found this article too fruitrful for me.

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      1. Dear Shah Sb
        I think after textile industry, poultry farming is becoming the profitable industry.
        Would u please advsie the minimum investment for a controlled shed forming and break up of the cost including
        Land cost
        Controlled shed cost
        Feed cost
        Office cost
        Doctor cost
        Re sale cost of controlled shed
        Transport Cost
        Labor cost
        Medicine cost
        Fumigation cost

        1. Asalamo Alakum Ghulam Mujtaba I have many acres land in Karachi and in my village Province Sindh. If you want land as partner or tenant in Karachi or village, you can contact me in my cell number which is 03333789628.

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