How to Start E-Commerce Business in Pakistan

E-Commerce is growing in Pakistan. No doubt about that! There’re a number of people who’re using this simple & easy method of doing an online shopping business in Pakistan. In this article, i’ll explain how you can start your own online business without any investment. Well that’s not true. You’ve to invest money, very little but money is needed if you really want to be successful with your online store.

Do you need a website to start e-commerce in Pakistan? No! you don’t need your own website to start e-commerce business. You can use online marketplaces like Daraz, Kaymu, OLX etc to start with. You can use a Facebook page or a group to too. What you really need is a product. A product to sell online & with as little price as possible. The primary factor of success of an online business in sales & sales can only be derived if you’re offering a product over a competitive price.

So, what that product can be? Well, the product can be cloths (stitched & un-stitched), shoes, glasses, watches, perfumes, bags, mobile phones, laptops and other electronic products etc. Just visit any online retail business website & check their product categories. You can select any of the products but you’ve to offer these products over a competitive price. If you can not provide these products for a price lower than these websites are already offering, don’t get into the e-commerce business.

Once you’ve decided a product to sell, all you need is a picture of the product (you don’t need a DSLR to take pictures, you can use your own mobile phone’s camera for that), price of the product (remember, it has to be lowest if you really want to be successful), a laptop or PC with an internet connection (to log on to marketplace websites) and list your products over these website.


      1. Mr Ovais I would like to deal in different catagories as mentioned above , but please tell me do I need to register my Business with SECP or there is no such requirement for home based business ? if I nee to get my business registered then what is the procedure ?

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