How to Start a School in Pakistan

Everyone says that education play an important role in building up a society but no one would deny that education in Pakistan, at its every level (pre-school, school, college, university), is a very lucrative business as well. Starting a school in Pakistan would cost somewhere between PKR 5 million to PKR 7 million.

This estimation has been taken from a Pre-feasibility report for starting a school in Pakistan by SMEDA & can be downloaded below:

Download how to start a school in Pakistan

This school setup business plan is created for 480 students in a year where the school is a franchise of one of the following education businesses in Pakistan that make huge profits with their franchise school model:

List of School Franchises (Schools that offer franchise) in Pakistan

Follow the links, where provided, to know the requirements & procedure of starting these private school franchises:

This is a preliminary list of schools to get your franchise from in Pakistan. I’ll be updating the list regularly & will also share the details for how to get franchise of these schools & their associated costs.

For more information on getting your school registered with the authorities, please visit; School Registration Procedure & License Requirements in Pakistan


  1. I am planning to start an educational institute (Primary level) in Pakistan. I am currently residing in Europe. The plan is to revamp what is taught in our primary schools and to challenge the status quo by introducing free education for people who cannot afford it. I noticed, here in the comments, that there are many great people who are planning to do the same. Hope everyone develops what they have planned. It will help Pakistan!

    As I would like to register the school as an international school, can anyone guide me on how to go about doing it? I could not find any relevant information online. Do we still have to connect the school to a board?


  2. Asslamoalikum! I want to open a school for providing free education. I already have taught in few universities in Karachi. I have bought plot and want to build school on around 500 yards plot in Karachi. Can anyone help and guide me regarding this?

    1. Sir congratulation you have a beautiful heart. If you can share the location of your upcoming people might be able to help

  3. dear all
    i want to open up a welfare school for free education in general area Nooriabad karachi, can any 1 guide me the complete details for it?

  4. I am owning a School in Karachi, Gulistan e Jauhar, I am currently seeking a partner to expand my campus…. call me @ 0321 2412363

  5. Hello all , my name is Dr.Muhammad Waseem and I am a trainee Radiologist as well as an educational psychologist . I have worked as a teacher, student counseller and project manager in various institutions and now i have chalked out a plan to start a unique educational idea based on online marketing. Any one interested to join me , please contact me on
    I will share whole plan..

  6. I am PhD doctor. I need to buy a frenchiseas i want to open a school in Layyah district. Please guide me. 03085511632

    1. Salam
      Hope you are well. I am running a college in P D Khan and School in Rawalpindi. We are doing under the umbrella of limited company. If you need help please contact me.Thanks

  7. Hi, i want to set up a primary school & would like guidance. Anyone who can help me by guiding the rules & regulations along with other information.

    1. Hello Nida,

      I have also planning for opening a school i have done some working on it as well. are you interested in Partnership?


    2. i also want to open a school and done some research also. if you interested in partner ship then let me know. 03158374442


  8. aoa every body i am ijaz a clinical psychologist
    we are running a school named as bright future public school in jhelum it is a boarding school
    it has different course work and agenda …we are planing to increase our student streangth from 100 to 300

    students approach us from all over the pakistan and some pakistani famlies living abroad also contact for their children due to our excellent result

    theme for posting this add is that we need invester to invest almost 5 crore with a returnt of 7 to 8 crore with in 5 years or bit more

    bcz acording to calculations this project will save us 3 crore in a year so if any body is intrested can call for discussions

    M ijaz baloch

  9. Hello,
    I am a german student and want to open a school for underprivileged children in Pakistan. My father is Pakistani, but I hardly speak any Urdu. I need somebody who can explain some basic things to me regarding this future project, e.g. how high the average cost may be, if there are going to problems I might have to face thay I cannot foresee right now…
    I would be very grateful.

      1. hello arslan
        can you help me regarding how to establish an project for student education i read tht yo are an educationist and working with an school group . i have done some research on it. whenever you feel free please contact me with me on i want guidelines from an experience i hope i will receive a fruitfull response from you.


    1. Im also in the Same boat.. From the UK looking to open a school for orphans and under privilaged children. I have an organisation who is willing to work with me but Im considering all options as I want to contribute in teaching as I am a Qualified teacher

      1. hi i have been working in a leading school of KHI as Principal. I am an experienced teacher trainer and curriculum designer. You can take my services if needed.

    2. Aoa
      Dear I’m from skardu Baltistan ,the most under developed area of peoples are living in very challenging conditions due to harsh climate ànd lack of resources. There is no school available to most of the children’s living in mountains. I can provide u all assistance if you are interested to open a school in bàltistan.
      Saleem 03464197121

    3. Mr haider I m running the school under prevailed area no roads and basic fatalities very small town total strength is 400 out of 100 are orphan kids …So we don’t have proper school building it’s rented and very small we need to purchase land and build the campus short of funds to afford this plus no budget to purchase computer for them it would be great support and contribution if you helped in this noble work … please do contact for further details and queries…
      Mrs imran

  10. I am interested to open a Non Profit school to help less privileged children in getting better education, Need your valued suggestion.

  11. i am planning to start a school on 6th road Satellite Town Rawalpindi. if anyone in interested in doing partnership in a new brand name should feel free to contact 0345 8554021

    1. Aap kis level ka school start krna chahtey hn? Partner ship ke liyye darkar raqam kiya honi chahiye aur condition bhe btain?

  12. Hi there, I am interested in setting up a school in Mirpur Azad Kashmir. There are quite few franchises already set and delivering in the city.
    As a business I need something different to already in place and on moral I would like to provide the best education to the children.
    Can someone please share their experiences with me.
    I can be contacted on

    1. I appreciate your views & thoughts. I am of this favor. I am a teacher. I have experience handling such type of school for many years.I want to run with you as a partner, if you agree.

  13. There are number of investment Opportunities investors have these days. But in such a uncertain environment what opportunity is best of them? Food, education and clothing three best businesses in the world that never disappoint you during recession period. Clothing is expensive and food relatively less expensive than the clothing business. But education is the only business now a days that is on boom. A school of thought says education isn’t a business it’s a noble cause. Well they are right but in 21st century this is more likely to a business then the a noble cause. USA, UK, Australia, Canada and many of other educationally developed countries earns billions of dollars because of education sector.
    In Pakistan has basically 3 step of formal education. School, College and then University. Establishing a university is really a tough job but wait what about schools? Yes school business is on top now a days. Around 22 educational systems are currently working in Pakistan they offer their franchises to investors alike, Educators, City schools, Allied, Roots, and Apple group of Schools.
    How much investment they required? Yes all of these required different franchise fee which start from 400000 to 5000000. But some of them are relatively cheap and good in services. Discovery system franchise required 5 million for just pre-school. Educators just charge 3.5 million as franchise fee and 25% royalty fee per student. Similarly the smart charge. Allied school charge a little less about 1 million for franchise fee but they required purchase of 100 students kit which include chairs, uniform etc from them which will cost you about another approximately 1 million. This mean just 2 million for purchasing a franchise mean you have other expense left so it would roughly cost you about 3-4 millions easily. These are what I experience from getting information from them.
    Recently I saw another school system Islamabad based named Apple Group of schools and I get the same information from them. They are relatively less expensive with I think so more advance feature in educational setup which produce more admission and ultimately more business. They will charge you 400000 to 1000000 rupee but no as such requirements like allied and others do. They Have Artificial Intelligence based Robotic Sciences education, with Chinese as course, centralized examination, Smart Board technology, Child Psychometric Tests bla Blab la.
    for further details please ask

  14. I am school developer since 2009 more than 100 school developed if any one wants to open a school whether franchise or own do contact with me

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