How to Report Any Kind of Harassment in Pakistan

When made pitiful, when made weak, when forced, for any thing that u fear will entangle your freedom of will, do not gulp it in, just let it out, shout, tell the people, and do it through the right media. Harassment, Imposition, snatching of rights in any way is illegal and should be treated well. If you are in such situations, do not feel helpless, first of all be brave and self-supporting and then report it. There were times when only a few NOGs took actions on affairs like harassment and people who took action were exposed and scandalized on media. But now Government has introduced forums and cells which are there to help and listen 24-7 when ever you need them. Harassment can vary in nature and can be put into categories.

How Report Harassment in Pakistan

Harassment at work, if someone is pushing you to do something that you think is illegal or someone forcing you to be a part of any job that you don’t want to be, it can include sexual enforcement on both the genders, any work-related task, bribery, etc. Some random guy is staring at you or teases you in the middle of your street, some girl getting benefits from you in any terms, Anyone texting you to join any group, anyone threatening you, or blackmailing you, through pictures, all of the online stuff, including stalking, sexting, scamming, hate speech, marital abuse from spouse of either gender, literally anything that disturbs you and is forced on you against your will is harassment.

How to Report Harassment in Pakista

Some important sources you can call upon or rely on are:

• DIAL 1043

1043 is a dedicated toll-free helpline, set up by the government of Punjab. The helpline is setup from Monday to Saturday between 8:00(AM)-4:00(PM). The landline dialing is free but mobile companies will cost you according to the package. You can dial 0800 933 72 to directly talk to the agent. This cell can help you in the matters of harassment, discrimination, basic human rights.

• CPLC Complaint Cell

CPLC is not a government complaint cell but it is very actively operating for the areas of Sindh, they have their offices in Karachi at central, west, Malir, south and east zones besides a central reporting cell in Governor House and in Hyderabad district. Nusrat Harris a TV anchor is the one leading it and many applictions have been entertained. Soon another office will be opened at Sukkhur.

• FIA’s Cyber Crime Cell

FIA has a whole department dedicated to solve cyber crimes of any kind. You can dial 9911, submit your complaint through a form or send them a mail at I wrote a whole article about it recently on how to report if your account got hacked

• DIAL 0800-39393 (Digital Rights Foundation)

DRF aka Digital rights foundation is run by Nighat Dad. This organization also deals with the cyber harassment cases and is operational between 9-5. The report can be accessed on Digital Rights Foundation’s website

• Punjab Police

Let’s not underestimate the Punjab Police for once, It should be the primary source of reporting a harassment case but sadly is not, but not everybody is alike, so without any judgment, I’ll just say that add 15 to your list. Because in cases of sheer emergencies they can really be a blessing. Visit their website they have uploaded a whole list of contact details of every officer. Here-

Lastly people, do take care of yourself, and lookout for you. Stand up before somebody destroys the heck out of you.



  1. Any suggestions . What should I do if someone making fake account and sending my nudes photos with my friends and anyone and blackmailed me? Need help please

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