How to Register Seed Company in Pakistan

Seed is a basic and very vital input for the agricultural crops. The overall production of any crop per unit of area depends mainly on the quality of seed. The seeds may contain many undesirable materials when harvested, i.e. weed seeds, other crop seeds, other plant parts, immature seeds, broken seeds, damaged seeds, deteriorated seeds, etc. Therefore, processing, a value addition activity is performed to improve the physical purity and health of seed stock by removing such contaminants.

Federal Seed Certification & Registration Department (FSC&RD) is an institute comes under Ministry of Food & Agriculture, which regulates the seed industry by controlling seed quality, certification and law enforcement. The department is also responsible for the registration of agriculture seed companies. Seed companies may register themselves to provide one or all the services mentioned below;

  • Seed production & multiplication
  • Seed processing
  • Seed packing & distribution
  • Seed marketing

Seed processing has a very crucial role in seed quality after production and harvesting. In the recent past, cleaning of seed at home by winnowing was considered the only method of cleaning seed. But in the current situation of food scarcity for the ever increasing population, this method is inadequate on commercial scale rather a full range of processing machinery, i.e. cleaner, grader, dryer, separator, seed treater, weighing machine and packaging machine, etc., is required.

Agriculture Seed Company is a project of agriculture sector in which Approved/Certified seeds produced through the multiplication of Basic Seed (which are acquired from breeding centers of Agricultural Research Institutes & Seed Corporations) by the registered seed companies, are processed.

It is mandatory to register the Agriculture Seed Company with the Government of Pakistan. The other relevant functions of FSC&RD are as under;

  • Field inspection of the crops
  • Sampling and testing of seeds
  • Control of the quality of seeds
  • Certification of seeds
  • Issuance of the quality certificate

Registration of seed processing companies is done to settle legal disputes, enhance relationship of companies with the Government and to control the sale of substandard seed & uncertified seed.

Seed Company Registration Procedure in Pakistan

  • Any person intending to set up an Agriculture Seed Company, visits the respective regional office of FSC&RD, where he can get the general information about the application procedure and documentary requirements.
  • Then, he has to prepare the documents accordingly and submits the application to the nearest regional office for further processing.

The list of required documents is as under for seed company registration;

  • A proper business plan
  • Introduction of the company
  • Objective
  • Number & names of seed crops to be handled
  • Seed production program (Self/Contract growers)
  • Phasing of seed production program
  • Arrangement for production of basic & certified seed, etc. (Applicable to those companies who multiply seed.)
  • Seed availability certificate
  • Seed certification arrangements (Own testing lab/FSC&RD lab)
  • Tentative network of seed marketing
  • Capital costs: (Requirement of capital, machinery, processing plant, lab equipment, transport, furniture, construction of building; “in detail”)
  • Expenditure statement: 5 years phasing (Capital cost, depreciation, seed purchase & production cost, salaries of staff and other incidental expense)
  • Income statement: 5 years phasing of expected income from seed and any other income derived from related source
  • Firm /company registration certificate (Registrar of Firms/Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan)
  • Copy of partnership deed or Memorandum and Articles of Association in case of partnership or company respectively
  • Copies of CNICs of Partners or Directors
  • Specimen signatures of Partners or Directors
  • Registration certificate of Brand name / Trade mark from Intellectual Property Organization (IPO) in the name of Firm or Company
  • Lease agreement of Land along with the copies of CNICs of the owners (Applicable to those companies who multiply seed.)
  • Agreement with registered growers along with the copies of CNICs (Applicable to those companies who multiply seed.)
  • Seed processing facility: (Seed storage, construction of civil works)
  • Agreement with Ginning factory(s) along with the copies of CNICs of the owners (in case of cotton seed, if applicable)
  • Purchase receipt of seed processing plant
  • Agreement with registered seed companies with the copies of CNIC of the owners (In case of processing seed from other companies who has seed processing facilities )
  • Rent agreement of godowns along with copies of CNICs of owners (in case of not owned)
  • Staff to be appointed (At least two M.Sc Agriculture graduates)
  • Degrees, Copies of CNICs, Appointment letters, Joining reports and Affidavits
  • Tax payer certificate
  • Bank certificate and Bank statement
  • All the documents are required to be attested by any legal authority/notary public before submitting to the Regional office, FSC&RD.
  • Regional office, FSC&RD will allocate an inspection officer, who physically verifies the company’s belongings mentioned / attached with the application and gives his recommendations accordingly.
  • After fulfilling the application process, the applicant is required to submit 15 copies of the application, 14 of those are forwarded to the FSC&RD Head Office keeping the 15th copy in official record of regional office.
  • The application is re-inspected in FSC&RD Head Office and forwarded to MinFA Office for approval. 8. A committee meeting is held occasionally in MinFA office where the applications are discussed and awarded registrations accordingly.
  • The process may take 3-6 months approximately for approval.

Note: Presently, there is no governmental fee for registration with FSC&RD / Ministry of Food & Agriculture.


  1. Can a fresh graduate start a seed business in Pakistan by investing own capital means ?? Don’t you think its quite lenghthy procedure of registration which took at least 3-6 months ??

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