How to Register and Recharge M-Tag (Motorway Tag) for Your Vehicle

The motorways in Pakistan are some of the best and most convenient routes. Used by millions of private and commercial drivers use them on a regular basis. Despite the government’s best tries in making these paths convenient for the users, there have been a lot of traffic jams at toll plazas due to the heavy transport vehicles.

To battle this situation, the Frontier Works Organization has introduced the M-Tag which is a pre-paid RFID chip like the E-Tag. The M-Tag replaces the E-Tag and will be made mandatory for all commercial vehicles driving on the M-2 Lahore-Islamabad motorway from 1st April,2018. The heavy vehicle M-tag users have a separate lane for their own, thus making space for the other vehicles using the toll plaza. The public and goods transporting vehicles, however, must get these M-Tags by 31st March or they will not be allowed on the motorway. The chip also connects to your mobile via an app which notifies you of your account balance, transactions, weather alerts, and motorway operational alerts. No deadlines have been announced for the private drivers and they can get these tags whenever they want.

Registering Your Vehicle for M-Tag

The drivers can apply for their free M-Tags at Ravi or Babu Sabu toll plazas. At these places, there are booths/offices for the M-Tag. The applicant requires an original CNIC, vehicle registration book and phone number. You can charge the M-Tag by paying any desired amount. The vehicle must have paid all the e-Tag fines and have a proper number plate.

Recharging Your Vehicle M-Tag

The M-Tag can be recharged using the bank account, easy paisa or jazz cash even at the big outlets such as Hyperstar and Metro.

Right now, the M-Tag applies only to the M-2 motorway. However, it is soon expected to be used on other motorway roads and Lahore Ring Road.


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