How to Obtain Leopard Courier Franchise

Leopard courier started back in 1983 where they mainly operated at 5 destinations at first. These locations were used as means of offices for Saadat insurance and Leopard courier. As the agriculture sector and other sectors were growing rapidly, Leopard Courier exploited the market gap and introduced its courier service in order to deliver goods, raw materials and other fragile items nationwide. As a result, till date Leopard Courier has expanded to 1036 destinations for its valuable customers. Currently, 3000 couriers and 1000 express center employees have been deployed in their network in order to deliver their services. Their services bar includes plenty of innovative services such as official documents sealed, Yellow-box, international delivery and overland trucking for non urgent products under their belt. Leopards Courier continuously looks forward to improving logistic issues and catering to their valuable customers.

Individuals may trace out head offices of Leopard Courier in major cities like Lahore, Islamabad or Karachi to obtain a Leopard Courier franchise. Firstly the franchisee is to pay a fixed amount that is non-refundable to the franchiser (Leopard Courier). Afterwards, royalty payments are made by franchisee every month based upon turnover rate attained in that specific month. Once the agreement has been signed off between both the concerned parties a franchise is opened at a new location under same business name. The business process and channels remain same as instructed by the franchiser such as logos, brand name, and transportation modes etc.


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