How To Know If You Are An Entrepreneur?

You are amazing at your job, and so one day you had an epiphany: Why am I working for some other dude who I don’t even like that much when I can start my own business?

If you think like this then Congratulations! You’re an entrepreneur.


Hold it right there! Starting a business doesn’t actually make you an entrepreneur. And like many so-called entrepreneurs, you’ll soon find yourself working fifteen-hour days. You’ll be hiring the wrong people and getting frustrated trying to manage them. You won’t know how to fix the systems that make a great business grow. Suddenly you realize you didn’t create a business. You really just created yourself a new job, and this new job kinda sucks.

Here’s the problem: The first thing you should have asked yourself is, Am I actually an entrepreneur? Because not everyone is. Yeah, see, people generally fall into one of three buckets: technicians (people who are good at doing the work), managers (people who are good at managing the systems people work in), and entrepreneurs (people who love building new opportunities out…of…well… nothing). Now, most people fall into the first two categories, right? Like take Mike for example. The reason mike wanted his own shop was because he was a great cupcake baker. But then he found out a very hard lesson: When a technician tries to be a manager or an entrepreneur, it just doesn’t work. So if you want to start a business, first decide what kind of person are you? Then find partners who can help you in the other areas.

The biggest first step to take towards entrepreneurship is therefore to learn to study your own unhappiness and what might possibly heal it for you and others. When profits decline in businesses, it’s really the result of too many people throwing themselves at trying to fix the same area because they can’t think of anything more innovative to do. And by contrast, healthy profits are a reward for understanding and mastering an area of human distress ahead of anyone else.

You need to see if you can come up with something entirely new and innovative. Something that not many people can even think of. If you can do that, then you can call yourself a pretty good entrepreneur.


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