How to Get A’Levels Equivalence Certificate in Pakistan

The students who had taken Cambridge International Examination’s (CIE) O’ and A’ Levels are likely to have equivalence certificates in order to apply for admissions at most Pakistani colleges and universities. Generally, A’ Levels is considered equivalent to the Higher Secondary School Certificate or Intermediate.

For A’ Levels equivalence you need to have given 8 subjects in O’levels and 3 subjects in A’levels, with Physics, Chemistry and Biology for Pre-Medical and Mathematics instead of Biology for Pre-Engineering. The 3 subject marks are added to the 8 of the O’levels to give you an equivalence of FSc marks out of 1100. The following documents will be required for determining the equivalence of a qualification:

  1. Attested copy of each certificate/degree obtained with English translation
  2. Original and attested photo copy of each degree/diploma obtained from abroad & its attested translation.
  3. Photo copy of transcripts year-wise.
  4. Proof of registration for the degree/diploma (a copy of admission letter etc. be provided).
  5. Printed/photo copy of the syllabus from the official record of the institution conferring the degree (English version   only).
  6. A copy of thesis in case of research degree.
  7. Documentary evidence of completion of studies abroad (supported by passport entries, university letter etc.
  8. Study leave order (for in-service personnel only)
  9. Proof of scholarship, (in case of scholarship holder)
  10. A certificate relating to previous studies (or photocopy of degree certificates)
  11. Original passport duly endorsed with visas of countries concerned.
  12. Copy of National Identity Card.
  13. Bio-data indicating specifically the period of study spent abroad.
  14. Fee of Rs. 1500 (non-refundable) ​

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