How to Disconnect Wapda Connection

Consumer Premises is subject to be separated on the off chance that it has defaulted in making installments against the energy consumption charges bill raised against him or on the off chance that he is abusing the affirmed levy or on the off chance that he has developed his heap past the endorsed stack or is observed to be and turned out to take power. The buyer will undoubtedly pay his vitality charge within the due date that has been determined on the bill or with the late installment extra charge if paid after due date. In such cases the disengaged supply might not be reconnected or reestablished until full installment alongside additional charge or portion permitted by the capable authority has been made by the purchaser. The power supply of the purchasers who are permitted by the Competent Authority to make the installment in portions might not be separated. Be that as it may, if a customer additionally defaults in making installment in portions, the power supply of such a buyer might be disconnected and only reestablished after receipt of all unfulfilled and unpaid services.

The company itself does not have the authority to disconnect the services in case a customer lodges a complaint; however the appropriate place for submitting the complaint or request would be the AMO/DMO/MO/CEO office, the Electric inspectors office, the Provincial Office of Inspection or NEPRA (For all such offices proper restraining orders shall be issued to the concerned DMO/AMCS.  It is also important to take into consideration that a consumer’s connection may be permanently disconnected on the basis of various technical grounds such as the illegal abstraction of electricity, a nonpayment of the bill even after the expiry of the due date and is the arrears are not paid.

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