How to Disconnect PTCL DSL/Landline Phone

There are different explanations behind which a client would want to deactivate his/her PTCL landline phone services. Be that as it may, a huge number of us don’t know the procedure on how to deactivate PTCL telephone phone line. It’s an extremely basic and simple way if you follow PTCL’s methods. PTCL has kept up an extremely sensible framework to profit and detach an association which is composed here in this post alongside the PTCL disengagement application format. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is giving the fastest web DSL innovation and telephone services with most minimal rates and now it has brought the fiber lines that has made it possible to provide the customer with the fastest service possible. Here and there in a few areas, the technology is not up to date with the latest fiber advancements or the administrations are not working properly, however, the company is working to fix these problems.

However, if a customer still wishes to discontinue usage of PTCL’s services they may simply take out a PTCL disconnection form from their official website and write their concerns in an application. Once this has been submitted, they will have to bring their PTCL modem device and telephone along with the application and as proof of service, also a photocopy of the previous month’s bill. When you bring these three things to a PTCL office near you, you simply submit the application to a officer and wait for 24 to 48 hours before the service is disconnected. There is even a special service for urgent disconnections and once you have paid for the services till it is discontinued, no further charges will be required of you.


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