How to Control Your Weight Without Exercise The Easiest Way

Enjoy every meal of yours!

We all struggle with controlling our ever increasing weight but there’s a very simple and effective way to control your weight & that is to enjoy every meal of yours!

Yes, enjoy it. Actually enjoy your meals. Take your time when you’ve decided to eat. Remember, there’s no rush in eating a meal. Enjoy every step of it. Enjoy choosing your food, taste it, appreciate it. Look it with a smile, smell your food. Look around at what’s going on, talk to the people you’re with.

Remember, there’s no rush!

A dog eats the food really quickly, astonishingly so but we can appreciate the meal. If you eat your food really fast, you’ll find you can eat a lot more food than if you just take your time and let the sugars and the other nutrients in the food begin to enter your bloodstream while you’re still eating the meal.

Enjoy your food & control your weight

Your brain will sense this satiation beginning to happen and you’ll start eating less.  If you’re trying to cut weight, take your time when you eat. If you want to enjoy life a little more, take your time appreciate your food and just slow down a little bit when you eat your meal.

Isn’t it the easiest way to control your weight?


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