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Imran Khan is the cricket world cup winner for Pakistan, a philanthropist, a politician and a leader of the Pakistani Nation. If you’re a fan & want to send your love or you’re looking contact him for any reasons, you can use the below methods for getting in touch:

Contacting Imran Khan

Imran Khan Contact Number

  • If you’re a fan of Imran Khan, you can follow him over Twitter or Facebook. You can also call at: +92 51 2270744
  • If you want to join his party, you can contact PTI at:
  • As member of National Assembly, he is assigned an email address:
  • As Prime Minister of Pakistan (if & when he becomes one), he can be contacted at:


  1. Dated : 10-10-2018

    I am extending a short message to our Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan –Imran Khan Sahib.

    Very briefly I say that I am big supporter & fan of Imran Khan but here I am exceedingly against to act of borrowing from IMF , obviously its failure of Leader Imran Khan and his team’s capabilities. Due to his un-rationalized decisions we were sacrificing “BIG MAHANGAI” already but “DUE TO HORRIBLE U-TURN “ resentment is being spread out all over the country.

    I think not need go for program of IMF , he has to make ok all systems of Country like Export, Import , all other organizations including governance & law & order situation. If its take some time even more than 6 months or year , no problem we will bear some time to all those long run steps for our beloved home land.
    Moreover , Honest, Hard Worker, Professional & Experienced Personnel to be recruited in all institutions as can uplift our economy immediately & strict measures to be taken to recover money from Dacoits/Thieves who has looted our country since a long ,but result oriented steps not only arresting of the persons , still no any outcome has emerged from any big case.
    Lastly I say about Central & Provincial Ministers mostly who are appearing on different “TV Talk shows” ,
    I am very wonder that being a Minister they have a such spare time to come on these shows instead of to go their offices & other governmental & welfare tasks to utilize this costly time! This is a time to strive to change the fate of nation through hard working and implementation but not only empty slogans like others .


    Thanks & Regards
    Sultan Ahmed

  2. To
    The Honourable Prime Minister of Pakistan.


    1.I am a Pakistani National who is currently living in Malaysia with my Malaysian wife

    2.I am one of the owner of the above mentioned property. The other co-owner is my blood brother ZEESHAN HAIDER. My said brother is living in Swabi, Pakistan and he also works with me in Malaysia .The aforesaid property is our family land passed on to us by our father.

    3.Vide an agreement, we had rented out the said property to Abdul Aziz s/o Abdur raoof and there after to one of his co-sharer JAN NABI KHAN s/o SHAFI RAHMAN r/o Mohalla Qasim Khel Tehsil and District Swabi (Both of them are Property Dealers)since January 2017 for a period of ten(10)years and rent for the said property was fixed Pakistan Rupee 24,500.00 per month with other terms and conditions. The said tenant had paid us Pakistan Rupees 18 LAKH in advance as per terms and conditions.

    4.The tenant had payed the rent in Pakistani Rupees 10,000.00 per month instead of PKR 24,500.00 per month from January 2017 till September 2017,and from September 2017 to October 2017 the tenant did not payed a single peny and violating the agreement made by him.

    5.That few months ago, my brother had approached him requesting for the arrears of the rental sum. My brother also gave him verbal notice that if he did not fulfil the agreement made by him, we are legally bound to vacate the property rented by him .
    6.The said tenant together with his co- partners(Property Dealers) and his MAFIA GANG threatened my brother saying that they will not vacate the property or even pay the arrears of rent amount and said that they had made mutations in the same property on their names and now they are the sole owner of the said property by denying the fact that we have a civil case with our cousins which is pending on the said property in the civil court and the patwari halqa had already recorded his statement and produced site plane which clearly shows our soul ownership (from the available record produced in the court).

    7.The said tenant with his friend SHAMSUL HADI s/o FAZAL HADI r/o our mohalla and his MAFIA GANG tourchered my brother for several hours in their (Hujra)and threatened him by saying that they will KILL/MURDER us if we take any legal action against them or report to the police against them.In the above episode all the concerned revenue staff are supporting them (they made bogus mutations in our khata for occupying our valuable property/ market)because we belong to Kashmiri cast and poor family and they are the so called Pushtoon’s of the locality.

    8.The said tenant even has gone to the extent of entering our common house taking illegal possession of our house and chased my family members away from the house. Currently they are occupying our house illegally as we are close neighbours and they also took essential documents(Stamp Paper etc) from our house.

    9.We made several request personally and by jirga’s but they are denying that is because we are requesting your goodself to take legal action against the said tenant and his gang and vacate our property and our only living home from their illegal occupation and give us security because we fear for the lives of ourselves and our other family members.I am living in Malaysia and I dare not go to my village in Pakistan to solve the problems fearing anything could happen to me.

    I hereby humbly request your goodself to take all the necessary legal action against those people mentioned above, As there is no other alternative, I am making this application to your goodself for the sake of speedy justice for our family.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Your’s sincerely
    Pakistan Passport No: AP5090682
    Pakistan Identification No: 16202-7114068-3
    No. 6, Laluan Meru Indah G6,
    Gerbang Meru Indah,
    30020 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
    Tel. No: 06 -010-8200845 Pakistan Address: Mohalla Qasim Kheil,Tehsil and District Swabi(KPK).
    Pakistan Contact No:03438856658

  3. Dear Sir,
    The very important thing that you as Prime minister of Indian neighbor is that you should also divide your army in to 3 parts namely army, Navy and Air Force.
    This will solve the major problem that your country is facing permanently.
    For this you need to consolidate entire support of your National Assembly.
    I hope the almighty gives you the courage to solve the problems that your country is facing.

    1. not very clear as to what you are trying to say, may be you are mislead by indian bjp propaganda, pakistan will do all those things to look after its interest,in the face of permanent indian threats and provocations, india should solve first kashmir problem and not kill innocent muslims.

  4. Dear PM.
    please form a special group to assist in inquiries and suggestion of Overseas Pakistani.
    issue all donaters with certificate in appreciation (foto !)
    start new national funds etc
    best regards
    naeem malik (germany)

    1. I have problem Kuch Na asar log jo water supply govt pa kabza Kiya Huwa hai plz help district dadu Sindh tahseel knshah goth gozo water supply pa dehshatgard me kabza kya Huwa hai PMa mna sab us k sath mile huwe hen hamen Marne ki dhamki do ja Rahi hai plz pm sahib help

      1. am somewhat disappointed with pti as efforts to contact main office are fruitless, they have no valid email address. one person cannot do all things by onself, looks our fighter pm is surrounded by incompetent people

  5. Assalam’o’Alaikum” With Lots of best wishes! Respectable Prime Minister of Pakistan..I’m hereby submitting my request to you.. Mera Nam Abida Ajmal hai. Main apny shohar or bachon k sath 35 saal se ek mushkil zindagi guzar rahi hon..meri 5 betiyan or ek beta hai mery shohar bemar rehty hain or be rozgar hain, ek hi beta hai uski bhi koi job nahi hai, or hamary pass rehny k lea ek ghr tk nahi hai hm rent per bht sal se dar badar bhatak rahy hain..Meri ek beti ne abhi graduation kea hai per uski ki bhi koi job nahi hai..myn bht umeed se apse appeal kr rahi hon i hope ap hamari help zarur karengy you are a kind person..ap se guzarish hai k mery bety or beti ko job de dyn or hmy rehny k lea ek chota sa ghr dea jae.
    Apki bht shukar guzar rahungi Hmny vote bhi apko hi kea hai hamesha we really trust you, Allah apko bht kamyabi deyn or apko apky vision myn kamyab karen Ameen.
    Apki madad ki muntazir rahungi plz jald se jald hamri help krdyn.

    Abida Ajmal

  6. Assalam o Alikum,

    Dear Prime Minister Imran khan, First of all i would love to thanks Almighty Allah who has blessed us with a leader like you. I pray that Allah will hep you to achieve all the targets that you have planned ameen.
    As about me, i have completed MBA (human resource management) recently, i wish to be the part of your team for the betterment of our country Pakistan. Awaiting to hear from you soon.(

  7. Asalam O Alaikum Mr.@ImranKhanPTI My Congratulations to you on being appointed as our honorable Prime Minister.May the Almighty Allah be with you. I am sure with your leadership skills and the support of the Nation you will achieve all your Targets. I want to bring to your notice that I applied twice in #PIA for position of Cadet Pilot once in 1992 and latter again in 1994. Due to corruption I was not inducted as I did not have a safarish as well as undertable money to pay to get this job. I secured 92% Marks in the written Test as welll as passed my interview.
    I want to make a humble request to you your excellency to get me Justice as this totally ruined my career.Also to specifically mention that my fathers hard earned money was spent on my training and well as my renewals to keep my Commercial Pilots Licence Valid.
    Its humbly requested that this case may be me opened and justice to prevail.I can be contacted for further discussion and meeting on my cell number 0300-4521599

  8. Sir I am disabled person and you give me a job in prime minister office my qualification master of commerce.i am waiting for your answer

  9. Sir

    As the webinar London USA Govt. is not given to me 34 million dollar of my ebook & guide for computer. In July 2016 i was join the webinar & gave the ebook on 11% which was sold around the world in a year. The webinar has issued the shipment of 34 million dollar 3 time but the last shipment on 15 Jan 2018 was bound by Mr. Anthony then i asked many time but no response. My business was Bit Coin & penny stock the President D.J Trump 11.6 trillion dollar made by me. I won the 500 million dollar from Harv Eker when i nominated to T.Harv Eker they refused.
    Cell No.+923003381054

  10. Our only wish & desire is THAT Mr IMRAN KHAN is elected and becomes THE PRIME MINISTER of PAKISTAN to bring PEACE to this region and throw away the corrupt army rulers . Neat ji Subhash Chander

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