How To Claim Duty Drawbacks in Pakistan

Duty Drawback is the most commonly availed incentive by exporters. It is the amount reimbursed by the government to exporters as compensation for Customs Duty collected at the time of import. For the purpose, FBR sets aside a certain percentage of customs duty collected on imported raw material for appreciating Live Stock production. The following documents must be in order when Exporter, files the claim for export rebate and submits the file to the customs rebate section:

Documents Required to Claim Duty Drawback (Rebate) in Pakistan

  • Bank Credit Advice ( B.C.A )
  • Bill of Lading (First Original).
  • Railway Receipt (Attested by the Railways).
  • Customs Signed Invoice with Two Photocopies.
  • Packing list ( in case of Live stock variety /breed of Live stock )
  • Exchange Rate Certificate
  • Copy of Shipping Bill.
  • Photo Copy of Form “E”.
  • Laboratory Test Report. (if required)
  • Photocopy of SRO. (relevant to exporter’s product)
  • Copy of Cross Border Certificate (In case of export through land route).
  • Sales Tax Returns.

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