How to Book Daewoo Bus Tickets Online

Arguably, one of Pakistan’s leading and the biggest transportation company, Daewoo Express Bus Service started its operations in 1997. Daewoo express is operating in 57 cities, covering approximately 60 destinations and further adding new destinations every year.

Daewoo bus service provides unmatchable services as compared to its competitors because of its shuttle and drop off aid that can be availed from the main Daewoo terminal Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and of other cities. Passengers can easily avail shuttle service at a very nominal rate and take a drop-off in their neighborhood. As compared to other transportation services, Daewoo bus fares & ticket prices are slightly higher but generally, public prefer to travel by Daewoo due to the time efficient travelling and superior bus services across Pakistan.

Well that’s just an overview of how vast the operations of the leading transportation company in Pakistan are and you can buy daewoo bus tickets online through their official website. But there’s one thing they’re missing which is also causing some business loss! And that one thing is that the company doesn’t have its very own mobile app. In these times its fair to say that humans live on apps, from productive apps like Slack, Wunderlust and Pinterest to some of the weirdest apps like Places i’ve pooped (yeah you’ve read it right). There is an app for quite literally everything!

Well having said that, if you want to buy an online confirmed Daewoo bus ticket, tolerate a bit more and read the rest of this post.

Steps to Buy Daewoo Bus Tickets Online

  1. One way to buy an online Daewoo express bus ticket is from their official website. All you need to do is logon here and follow the steps.
  2. The other more feasible and quick way is to buy through EasyTickets. All you can do is to download the EasyTickets app and follow the procedures below.
  • Login through mobile verification code.How to Book Daewoo Bus Through Easy Tickets Online
  • Tap on the Bus logo.
  • Select source, destination, date and tap on the proceed button.
  • Choose your desired time and tap the Book now button.
  • Select gender, desired seat and tap on the checkout button.
  • Ticket fare is charged through your debit/credit card after you fill in the details.
  • Then you’ll be given a QR code that you’ll show at the ticketing counter and avoid long queues!

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