How To Be a Smart Reader

In Pakistan most of the literature read is by western authors. Fiction is almost all the time just fun and games where non fiction is considered serious work but both of the genres could be controversial. It’s healthy to read perspectives of authors from around the World but self ability to form opinions is extremely important.
Here are some tips to be street-smart reader:

1) Always know your author of any genre. It is important to be a little aware of background of your author, for example: if author is nationalist, Marxist, socialist (non fiction author mainly) or any life circumstance etc. That will help a lot to form an opinion and will able to observe and understand perspectives and make book more interesting.

2) Hold your horses when it comes to “Best seller books”.. These best seller books are not always best in quality but best in quantity sold. First aim for award-winning books or go to google’s good reads, it will give a fine review as well.

3) The religion read: avoid atheist author’s books on religion especially on Islam (for curiosity you can read if your beliefs are unshakable). Religion is a sensitive matter and why read someone who doesn’t even have one own religion. Even if you want to learn someone else religion pick their best scholars for a good insight.

4) Healthy criticism: when discussing a national level loved book with anyone be a critic, put different perspective. Not only it is fun to see an annoyed face it will reveal the true value of book and you can form a different stronger opinion about it.

At last but not least if it’s hard to find books of your favorite genre because most people have best seller books name on their tongue, to go website “” (tried and tested) put your book name and will show results similar to it. Happy reading!

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