How To Avoid Being Hacked? The ‘Careem’ Way

The emerging transportation company “Careem” has its own unique ways to stand out in the crowd.  From helping to find the perfect match for you to the privacy concern, Careem stays loyal and up front to its customers.

In January a cyber-attack victimized Careem’s Data base and company confronted it to the customers via e-mail. No data misuse or fraud has been found so far by the company but caution is better. Most of the individuals who doesn’t not check email, here is what Careem said you can do for own safety:

How To Avoid Being Hacked The Careem' Way

Alongside the work we are doing to further strengthen our security systems, customers can follow these steps to safeguard their own personal information:

  • Implement good password management by updating your Careem password, as well as other accounts on which you use similar details. Use a strong mix of characters, and try not to use the same password for multiple sites
  • Remain cautious of any unsolicited communications that ask for personal information or refer to a web page asking for personal information
  • Avoid clicking on links or downloading attachments from unfamiliar emails
  • Continue to review bank account and credit card statements for suspicious activity – if you see anything unexpected, call your bank” (via careem e-mail)

The company assures that it has hired the law enforcement agencies for further investigation and of course cyber security for better fire wall. One hack to ensure your password is unforceful and strong is make you password from an easy sentence (a line of poetry would work too) and use the first alphabet of each word in the password.

For example:

1) Good Luck Hacking This One…… password= GLHTO.

2) Dil-e-Naadaan Tujhe Huaa Kya Hai ? Aakhir Is Dard Kee Dawa Kya Hai …. Password= DNTHKH-AIDKDKH.

Now this couplet of Mirza Ghalib wouldn’t be a better choice since everybody is similar with it. Anyway password starts where your creativity ends.

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