How to Attest Degree from HEC (Higher Education Commission)

Degrees and diplomas are being awarded by higher education commission to all graduates.  It will be done if they have been approved by chartered institutes and HEC with all of the awarding diplomas for both the public and private sector universities. For having the attestation of the documents, there are mainly two ways.

  1. The first step is to make the online profile at the official website and all of the personal information must be filed in the blanks which is demanded by degree attestation. All of the blanks must be filled!
  2. Second step is to visit HEC office at Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore, Quetta or Karachi so that attention services could be received easily in all the locations.
  3. there is also an option of courier service and select the specific option of courier if you want to do it by courier. It must be provided with an online form that you will have to print it out as well.

It is very important that all of the significant documents must be accompanied by you that include the matriculation certificates on-wards till that degree which you are interested in attestation. The application would not be processed if the following documents are not available; certificate of Intermediate (Sanad)/ IBCC  issued certificate equivalent level certificate along with all the certificates, Transcripts or the degree of bachelors.  However, the equivalent level degree is required in case of foreign qualification which is issued by the (Equivalence Section of Higher Education Commission) and all of the Ph.D. degree and MS/Phil degree/Masters.

The set of passport size photos must be accompanied along with the passport or CNIC. 800 rupees is the total fee for attestation as per the original documents and 500 for the copy.


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