How to Acquire/Open Silk School System Franchise in Pakistan

SILK is a subsidiary of Sahar Educational Group, an organization that is working in diversified areas all relating to education. For the last 18 years, SILK has made immense contributions with regards to educational grooming and academic development all over Pakistan, with a rich and versatile background in all forms and grades of education, silk has established an excellent reputation.

SILK has a sound and credible history of running, managing and promoting self-owned and franchised projects with a vision of introducing exciting new avenues in this field. Over hundred branches of different tiers of schools who collectively have more than 30000 students studying at primary, secondary and intermediate level represent the experience and credibility of SILK.

Unlike employees, franchisees make an initial payment in return for becoming a part of your business and then they continue to pay you a percentage of their revenue, throughout the duration of their Franchise Agreement. This means that the costs of setting up the franchise, training staff and launching the business are all covered by the franchisee rather than by the parent organization. Similarly, once the business is up and running, it is the franchisee who will be rewarding you with a monthly income, rather than being paid by you as an employee. For these reasons, the franchise system can provide a very cost-effective route for business development, but only provided that the original business is successful and that the franchiser is willing to invest sufficient time and money into creating an attractive franchise opportunity.

Franchisees are themselves responsible for the day-to-day running of their business units and they must do this strictly in accordance with the Franchise Agreement and Operating Manual. As franchisees have invested their own hard-earned money, they do not require the detailed level of management which would be needed for employees. The objectives of the franchisee and of the franchising organization are, therefore, very closely aligned, with the success of the one depending to a great extent on the success of the other. As a result, the franchise network requires only a simplified and relatively low-cost management system. This is typically based on the close monitoring by the franchiser of the key performance indicators (KPIs) and the provision of motivational leadership.


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