How to Acquire or Open British International School System (BISS) Franchise in Pakistan

Do you wish to start a BISS franchise? Do you know the process to open a BISS franchise? We shall guide you with the entire process on how to start a BISS franchise. BISS is amongst the first educational institution that offer studies based on modern teaching methodology along with Islamic teaching at its core. BISS does not only give the satisfaction of serving the society but also gives an option to the students to gain primary education till Intermediate. BIS also offers education from Primary Level to Intermediate. BIS have franchise plans ranges from pre-primary school till Comprehensive and Higher Secondary School. They also provide a language setup as well where different kind of courses for English Language are provided.

What are the key requirements to open a BISS in Pakistan?

  • Amount of capital investment will approximately be up to Rs.40 – 50 lakhs (4- 5 million rupees).
  • An area of land roughly about 4,000 to 9,000 sq. ft.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the respective State Government, for your BISS’s


  • Strong Educational Background with passion for education.

How to start a BISS Franchise?

Frame a business plan which will serve as the blue-print and will help to operate your BISS properly. Arrange the meeting with BIS Head office and sign a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with them.  Arrange funds to start the BISS. As stated above, the investment amount will be somewhere around Rs.40-50 lakhs. Location is the main concern, so select an appropriate location and land to start the BISS franchise.

Approach the Department of Education (DoE) to obtain the No Objection Certificate (NOC), without which it is not possible to start-off with the construction process. Start planning the layout of the BISS building after acquiring the NOC. If required, appoint a contractor or consult an architect to design the building of BISS. Gain affiliation from CBSE, ICSE or the State Board of Education when you start the BISS in Pakistan. Now, it’s time to start conducting interviews for various posts such as teachers, support staff, accounts executive, administration panel etc. and select qualified & experienced candidates. BIS Head office offers direct services and help to the franchise in the complete hiring process.

To kickstart the franchise, BIS Provides Facilitations for Uniform Curriculum for all the branches, Hiring of Staff, Marketing & Advertisement, Academic Research along IT Facilitations,

In case even after reading the information on how to start a BISS franchise you feel that it is a tedious procedure to start a BISS franchise all by yourself, then there is another option as well; viz. you can opt for a BISS available franchises in Pakistan. Just fill up the Contact for Franchise form mentioning your query and get the precise answer. A Representative from BIS will be in touch with you.


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