How Pakistan Won Women’s Cricket Series Against SriLanka

In Pakistan, the youth struggles to get an opportunity to participate in national and international sports team due to the corrupt system and unavailability of the respective coaching centres. The people who do make it to the top go through extremely hard situations. This is especially true for the women’s cricket team of Pakistan as women’s working is not much appreciated. They have to prove themselves able to the extent and of perfection and as a result, the team is made up of players full of great spirit, stamina and the desire to be the winners.

Pakistan win against srilanka

Since 2015, this has been Pakistan’s first win in the women’s T20 series. Winning the series by 2-1, the Pakistani women have shown great stamina, vigour and spirit. The victory was helped quite a lot by the stunning play of the spin bowlers of Pakistani team, taking the first seven wickets at 36 runs in the middle of the tenth over and limiting their score to just 75 runs in 20 overs. Dar proved to be a superb off spin bowler, giving only 6 runs in 4 overs. The Sri Lankan team was not quite helped by their running between wickets which resulted in four batsmen being run-out.

How Pakistan Won Women's Cricket Series Against SriLanka in srilanka

Though they lost only one wicket in the next 10 overs, they scored slowly and victory crawled away from their grasp.

Pakistani players Sidra Ameen and Nahida Khan played slowly and safely, knowing that victory was within their hands. Javeria and Dar gave a boost to the run rate by scoring 41 runs in 34 balls till the fourth wicket. The Sri Lankan fielders and bowlers had also lost their morale due to their quick all-out and the spectacular performance of Pakistani women. The final was in the grasp of Pakistani team and the match ended with a historic victory for Pakistan thus marking another cricket series victory for Pakistan by the women’s cricket team.


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