How I Fell In Love With The Sound Of Silence

Isn’t it weird, this silence? Makes you realize you really ‘ARE’ the Universe.

a wooden chair rests on the smooth surface of still water; mountains rest in the misty background

What is silence? Is it an empty room or an abandoned alleyway? I’ve seen silence in a room full of people and I’ve seen it in mountains and in the way rivers flow.

It is in true tranquility that you can hear the sound of water, how silently it knocks out everything in its path. What if nature is not cruel, only quiet. A naughty silence lingers somewhere between the preciseness of natural laws.

Silence is not merely lack of noise, it’s an internal state of looking beyond that noise. Silence is indifference. Silence is the sound of rain. It can be both melancholia and peace.

Have you ever listened to the silence of objects, how they have no meaning if we don’t touch them, how our existence is the actual noise and not sound.

Journey Home

Things are what you make them, in this case to fill your existence with some kind of noise, we fear solitude, it’s when you withdraw completely that you can truly listen to your heart, and it’s in loneliness that you realize that the door won’t open if you don’t get up and open it.

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Silence is visiting an untouched home from the 40’s, it’s in realizing how everything is placed exactly where it was 70 years ago. Nothing will move in a hundred years if you or something doesn’t make it, that is silence. Isn’t it terrifying, this silence? How silent is the rythm of Planets.

Silent Mountains by QAuZ

But there is a beauty in silence, It’s meditation, it’s listening to the wind talk to your soul. It is not until in the state of pure nothingness, that you experience true silence. It is only then when you know, it has always been YOU.

Wings of freedom by White-crows-art



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