How High Is Pakistani Government?

Our political parties secretly enjoy the western party style with a bit touch of substance. The rumors regarding such has always been in the air but pointing fingers at others is now a casual part of interviews. In an interview with Mustafa Kamal On Samaa tv By Mubashir Luqman (show: Khara Sach, 3rd may 2018). Kamal Sahib of Pak Sarzameen Party clearly pointed “din main sisyasi party mein kam karain gy aur raat main cocaine party karain gy” and it was meant for mayor of Karachi Wasim Akhtar.

It is visible over time the speech ability of our politicians has deteriorated and it kinda stink but how true are such allegations (many were also accused of enjoying Mujra and physical pleasure and being quite generous to those women in terms of money) and how seriously should it be taken by higher authority. It may be enjoyable to hear all the juicy burns and comebacks but it is certainly terrible image for “ISLAMIC” republican of Pakistan. Not only that it is forbidden in Islam it does effect the cognitive processes that also includes the judgement and decision-making.

How High Is Pakistani Government

so, who had “bad Habits” . the guy who forged documents or the person who demanded. Idiocy is also an acceptable explanation.

Corruption is not the only thing to end for Pakistan to rise up. What measure should be taken by higher authority? May be a random drug test to eliminate the rumors and false accusations just for sake of rivalry. Warnings and Fine over the positive drug test.


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