How Fair is The Fare to be Fair? Fighting Stereotypes

Beta, fairness creams lagaya karo.” “Tv pe fairness kay itnay facials batatay hain, dekha karo.” Fairness this, fairness that. I don’t need to ask or wonder how many Pakistani/Indian have had this said to them or heard it being said to someone else at least one in their lives, because I already know all of them will agree. How fair is that? We might not know about that, but we do know, you better try every totka and treatment to be fair, or its game over for you.

From absurd fairness cream commercials claiming unnatural and unattainable fairness to people claiming to change your genetic melanin with a few easy do-it-yourself solutions, our people are fully brainwashed under this inherited fairness complex. And the irony is the fact that our gene doesn’t environmentally hold the ability to be as white as, well, white. But this mentality ‘you’re not beautiful unless you’re white‘ has been harbored for far too long like a family heirloom, enough to turn into culture itself to be changed now. The youth is starting to understand this reality gradually, but the older generations still refuse to come to terms with accepting that dark skin can be beautiful, too.

It’s not just women, everybody’s either crushing on Robert Pattinson or trying to find someone fair enough like him, and the poor darker fellows mostly tend to get left behind in the dark. That’s probably the fare, to not be too fair, no matter how fair that is.

And what’s ironic to me is the fact that, while Westerners are trying to be darker, the Easterners are trying to be lighter. Everyone wants to be something they’re not and it’s a constant cycle, one too firm to break through yet too fragile to hold up.

Somewhere right now a girl just got her first rishta and her mother can’t help but frown in worry of her dark skin shadowing her future, there’s a boy whose proposal got rejected because he’s not gora enough, there’s someone whose pillowcase is stained with all the pain and agony they’ve suffered for not meeting society’s standard for what beauty is.

It might as well be the same as currency, you’re more valuable if you’re a specific colored note, if not? well that’s too bad. The concept of being comfortable in your skin and happy with your genetic makeup isn’t a concept; to be fair, or to not, that’s up to you, but keep in mind the fare, whether it’s fair or not, we don’t make the rules.


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