How Emotional Violence Is A Norm In My Country

Gender Violence is a corrosive threat to our society. It is an act that is perforated all over the world. Female at most cases are accused to these assaults. Most probably, women are claimed to be responsible for this dismantle attitude of man and claimed to have a dress code that portrays her figure as an invitation to men. Violence or threat is not only to the physical delusions of any individual. It certainly has different aspects through which anyone despite being male or female tolerates.

How Emotional Violence Is A Norm In My Countr

Violation on verbal context is rather a word implicating psychological damage to an individual. Nevertheless, there are multiple aspects through which a person can be abused or deregulated. That can be an emotional aspect as well as an uncertain behavior of one’s we love. Less attention and degradation of a person can sometimes lead to a violation that effects are person physically as well as mentally.

Emotional violence is a type of abruption that might lead an individual to mental disorder, depression or even trauma. It is caused due to expecting more intimidation from someone we are close to. Emotional violence is sometimes an act that takes place without any intention.

How Emotional Violence A Norm In My Country

The higher ratio of this phase occurs among teenagers and youth, withstanding to which they intend to commit suicide in order to overcome their dejection. Over the years a rapid descend in violence have been observed.

Nevertheless, Trans genders are also the victim of assault and marital violence. The reason behind this is that they are not considered to be the part of our society. Generally, violence is conflicted towards ones, who are vulnerable among us.

Daily, many people are diluted as victims of physical as well as psychological violation. In order to overcome this problem, only women empowerment is not the solution.

However, we must our self -stand against this dilemma, questioning the norms of our society. Which only trigger the victim for being submissive. It is the mentally that is needed to be depressed not our wishes towards this society.

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