How Do Violent Games Affect Children’s Personalities?

In the life we live, the environment we find ourselves in and the influences that surround us, inevitably have a direct or indirect impact on the person we become.

To say ‘who we are’, and ‘how we are’ would be the simplest way to describe the phenomenon that is personality, but it is also linked with the ‘why we are’. Scientists call it perception, but in simpler terms, one could say that what you see and feel happening around you, is what molds the shape of you as a whole, and not just that but also ‘how you will be’.

So on that note, it could be stated that excessive exposure to violent games can influence the personality of a child into being aggressive, same as that of an adult in any given situation. Like a child, young and naive, who learns to love guns and hit his friends at any given discomfort, or a child who develops an unknown fear of cars after witnessing a car crash in a violent video game. And while these circumstances are valid, it cannot be held accountable for any progression or regression made in the child.

As time goes on and new generations are exposed to new things, the overall impact of a violent game turns up short against the impact of witnessing an ongoing war or bombing in the country. Is it really the game that has made the child violent, or is that violence the child’s only way of letting out his anxiety?

Different exposure for different people, affects them and their personalities differently. It is the same as saying that people in older times did not get ill so often. So children in the modern world do not develop these violent traits games portray because they are already exposed to school bombings, to more accidents on the roads, to more real terror. And then it also depends on the various individualistic types of personality. And I would like to go as far as to say that these games might even be teaching children primary and basic defense responses and skills.

The point is not to moralize the violent games for children, their harm is not denied, but is it really that influential as to affect the child’s personal makeup? That may be up for debate, but it would certainly be a lot easier for everyone if games were less vulgar.

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