How Capitalism Is Failing Pakistan

Pakistan originally an agricultural state is in a development process towards industrial state. Our economic system is in middle of capitalism and socialism but mostly capitalism. Socialism can only be seen in our country in form of social welfare. Unfortunately, in Pakistan sectors like health and education are also affected by capitalism.

Back then the capitalism was resented because it exploited workers while keeping the wage as minimum as possible and the profits filled the pockets of owners (probably now too) but now due to capitalism the services provided through socialism, the consumers are exploited.

Money decides not only your status in society but the very basic health and education as well. Only few hospitals administered by government is capable of providing suitable health and the rest are always the light for news channels because those hospitals keep screwing basic procedures and being irresponsible in terms of medication and the less privileged suffers. When hospitals provide best health care? as soon as they get money.

The education system is even worst. The whole country education system is divided into numerous boards and society has made each board’s student entitled to specific level of superiority and dominance. Private school owners are exploiting in the name of extra activities that has no head or heel. Creativity is part of education, adding trendy things is not.

how many schools with “extra-curricular activities” ever tries to seek permission to show around Quaid azam’s house as a trip ?

Now, here is a million rupee (in our case) thought for people who think only fancy schools can create or can turn your kid into Einstein. No, they can’t and they don’t. Intelligence is something inherited although environmental factors play a role to nourish it but fancy school is not one of the factor. A child can be nourished at home by parents enough attention, communication (extremely important) and creative teachings ways that could be puzzles, books, games, pop-quiz card games, educational family trips and much more. Even a kid could be efficient in English by reading and audio material and conversation in English. People, Go smart not trendy.


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