How Are You Going to Curate The Information Flow

I’d like to talk about the topic of curation, which has become a huge topic these days as we try to manage the overwhelming information competing for our attention. We’re all suffering from intense information and band width anxiety. We’re like a 56K modem trying to download 10,000 hours of HD video through that pipeline. We simply lack the biological hardware to actually take in all of the information that’s competing for our attention today. So curation has become the buzzword.

The information diet of every single person is now the craze. How are you going to curate your information diet? Are you going to just create a filter bubble?

Because that’s not curation. Curation cannot just be filtering out when you don’t want, it needs to be about creating the conditions in which you can discover what you didn’t know wanted. When you can discover what you didn’t know would be useful. Curation should be all about serendipity, which is look for something, find something else, and realize that what you found was more conducive to your needs than what you thought you were looking for. So the question today becomes, can we design algorithms, can we design apps that can leverage contextual computing, big data, finding patterns, create random patterns, so on and so forth, to engineer technologically-mediated information serendipity? Because that would really upgrade the valuable, meaningful, data sets that we’re able to absorb from those information fields. So that’s how I feel about the pivotal role of curation now days. And we need to figure it out.

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