Hot Or Cold: Which Coffee Is Better?

Coffee, the go-to drink for most of us, can be taken either hot or cold, and a recent study has found that hot brew coffee, actually has higher levels of antioxidants than cold brew!

According to the researchers, chemical difference between hot and cold coffee may have healthy impacts. Hot coffee has higher levels of antioxidants, which is responsible for the healthy benefits of coffee.

It’s widely believed by lifestyle gurus and coffee experts that cold brew coffee is much safer as it being less acidic than hot coffee and thus less likely to cause heartburn or gastrointestinal problems, but new researches suggest that hot brewed coffee actually has some measurable health benefits, including lower risks for some cancers, diabetes and depression!

It was found by Fuller, that hot coffee had more titratable acids, which are possibly responsible for the hot cup’s antioxidants levels.

Coffee has a lot of antioxidants, if you drink it in moderation, research shows it can be pretty good for you,” Fuller said. “We found the hot brew has more antioxidant capacity.”

So what do you think? Do you prefer coffee hot, or cold? Share your thoughts!

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