Homeless People of Pindi

When you stop at 6th road before Rehmanabad Metro station Rawalpindi, under this worn out bridge roof, the first thing you notice is a strong throat itching smell of human piss and you want to leave that place as soon as you park your car under the bridge.

Point to notice is that this bridge also serves as a home for homeless khana badosh people. It is a heart clenching sight to see kids and woman sleeping in that atmosphere with their patched quilts. The only source of life for them is the fire they light, probably from the garbage, which helps them to grab on to their next day through its warmth. Their kids have learnt to sustain that environment, they have acquired to play with people’s parked cars and toys in the garbage. It’s really sad that during their play time, when their eyes meet any stranger, they stop their play to beg for money. Not only is this making even the next generation we depend on so much morally feeble but also is destroying them by making them eternal slaves of beggary.

The government has announced a scheme in which they will be providing shelter homes for the homeless and needy. I think its a good idea only if in the name of application submissions money is not being looted from innocent people.


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