Home Cooked Food in a Cafe?

There’s a cafe in Islamabad that offers an opportunity for women to earn good money through selling home-cooked meals.

Who does not like a brilliant ambiance and home-cooked food!

A cafe in Islamabad offers ladies the opportunity to promote their home-cooked meals at affordable price to customers. Half of the earnings earned goes to the cafe owner the other to the women who cook the meals. “I supply this cafe with tarts and cookies,” said one woman. “Due to this cafe, my reach has extended and operational charges are easily covered.”

Another female described the cafe as a ‘good initiative’ and stated that because of it females can easily work from their homes and could earn with ease. The cafe itself does not prepare meals so that unemployed women are provided the opportunity to earn their living.

“We market the business enterprise that unemployed women make and we sell their food,” stated the cafe owner. The cafe is situated in Blue Area in the heart of the capital.


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