High Time To Get New Notes for EIDI Now!

Choti Eid is coming and its eidi season. The love for new notes as eidi is eternal, i remeber how we used to get jeolous when some other kid had fresh and rattling crackling crispy notes. We considered it as some kind of discrimination if some one gave us rotten notes, thining in mind ma be the person didn’t want us to have eidi on the first place. Getting new notes from banks, especially near Eid is real pain in the arse. Most of the customers are not entertained by the banks or the currency changers because of the lack of notes.

Thanks to State bank of Pakistan which saved the day by introducing an SMS service through which you can get new notes by reserving them. Here is the procedure, send the branch code of the bank you can get money from along with your CNIC to 8877 the SMS will cost you PKR 1.50 and only one request can be made on one CNIC.

The DEADLINE is 14th of June.

The rules are that one CNIC can only request once, one CNIC can only get one bundle of PKR 50 and 100 and three bundles of PKR 10. The availability issues are still a concern and are still based on first come first serve but at least things are regularized and on the record now. The availability pf notes is also dependent upon the quota each bank branch is assigned i.e. the amount of fresh notes each branch is allowed to lend.

According to the state bankĀ 535 e-branches across the country will be issuing fresh currency notes to customers. Seven hundred and ninety-two e-branches across Punjab, 402 e-branches in Sindh, 226 in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and 66 across Balochistan will issue fresh currency notes. While 36 e-branches in Islamabad and 13 in Azad Jammu and Kashmir will do the same.

This step by State bank is really appreciable, we all hope that no loop hole for corruption is found in this matter.


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