Hidden Risks of Laser Eye Treatment

You might be suffering from poor vision and tired of wearing glasses or lens all the time. If so you might be considering laser eye treatment. But are you aware of the hidden risks of this eye laser treatment?

If not, you should read this article because you are risking your vision. It is important and all risks should be considered. It will help you make a proper decision on whether or not to opt for this procedure or not.

  • Dry Eyes

    New and improved technology has reduced the risk of the eyes but the patient will experience some dryness for six months after the completion of the laser treatment.

  • Night Vision Problem

    Be aware of the fact that your eyes can have problems with light sensitivity after the laser treatment. It can even continue for a longer time.

  • Infection

    It’s quite unusual to have an infection after laser as said by the researchers but it could happen. So, if you get into contact with any sort of infection, you should visit your eye specialist immediately for consultation.

  • It’s a temporary solution

    Yes, it’s true. Various studies and researches have shown that after the age of 40, people will need their glasses again. Ultimately they’ll end up wearing those old glasses again. Hence, why waste money when you are aware that you have to wear glasses again after a short period of time.

  • Your cornea isn’t healed

    After the laser eye treatment, the cornea is destabilized permanently because it gets thinner with the passage of time. This condition might get severe following the need of corneal transplant.

Thus, these are the hidden risks about the laser eye treatment one must be susceptible to if one is thinking for going to this treatment. I’ll recommend that glasses and contact lenses are the safest alternatives to laser treatment. But you are free to do anything you want! We’re just here to provide you with information you should have.


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