Here’s Why You Need To Watch This Youtube Miniseries About Pakistan

Titled ‘Stories of our Children’ , and created by two-time Oscar winning director Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, this thoughtful series talks of the real heroes of Pakistan.

The first episode aired during Ramadan was based on Abdul Sattar Eidhi’s life and his incredible humanitarian work, and the beginning if his work during the ’50’s when he started a free medical dispensary and ambulance service.

All the hurdles he had to face in order to work for what he believed in, and the way he overcame all those obstacles by putting kindness over everything.

What this mini series hopes at promoting is the bravery of such unsung heroes who stood up for noble causes, such as diversity, philanthropy and acceptance. A way for our children and future generations to learn about tolerance and inclusion for all.

What’s interesting is that the series is animated and will appeal to even young kids who can learn about the importance of humanity and love through the great examples we have in our society.

More episodes will air soon, a total of four, with stories including that of a boy from KP, who prevented a suicide attempt in his school that cost him his own life, and also of a young girl from Hazara in a Punjabi village.

All these stories will surely have positive inspiring messages in them, and considering that YouTube reaches millions of people worldwide, we hope that the series and more inspired work like this helps paint a positive picture of our country.


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