Here’s Why Sadaf Kanwal’s Comments On ‘Me Too’ Are Wrong On So Many Levels

It was Sadaf Kanwal’s debut on the ‘Tonite with HSY’ show and the question directed by the host, Shehryar Yasin to the Ballu Mahi actress was her (ahem) opinion regarding the Me Too movement. This is where the whole controversy started because turns out:

Indeed anyone would feel this way if they watched the fiery episode where Ms Kanwal went on to say , ‘Aap ke saath jab Me Too ho, tab bol do. Baad mein aap ko yaad aa rha hai Me Too. So I think jab hai tab boldo.’

Which almost seemed like she was mocking the movement itself. Making it seem nothing more than a catchphrase. This is the perfect example of education without enlightenment.

Not only this she also reduced Mahira Khan and her success to her fair complexion only. Someone needs to inform Sadaf that Mahira isn’t the only fair woman in Pakistan. Why aren’t all of the ‘fair’ women of the country Mahira Khan then? Not to mention she herself is famous for being a ‘model’  a profession that advocates looks.

People on twitter were quick to respond to her half-witted statements.

These movements are the reason that so many people have the courage to speak about the things that were hushed since the beginning of time. And women need to support each other more than anything. We need to rise above privilege and petty competitions undermining something that is globally important. Kyun ki ‘jab Me Too hogya, tab bolo’ and the entitlement that this statement oozes ain’t gonna solve any problems. Courage and support is.

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