Here’s Why Pakistani Women Are Getting Face Tattooed By Permanent Makeup

Micropigmentation or cosmetic tattooing is a technique for adding permanent pigment to the lips, cheeks or eyebrows. The idea for introducing this in Pakistan came with Zehra Kachelo when she observed the same in Vietnam.

She thought that many working Pakistani women like herself who are too busy could find convenience in permanent makeup tattoos just like permanent hair straightening by rebonding.

She said:

I got my face done and I was ready all the time. I loved it!

It has helped a lot of working girls to avoid getting into the hassle of touching up their faces every morning and still look fresh and not washed out. Makeup artist from Karachi, Roohi Syed says even women from northern areas come here to Karachi to get their face pigmented and also a lot of middle-aged women opt for this option as they have had their pigments faded over time. However permanent doesn’t mean it lasts a lifetime, but a maximum of three to four years.


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