Here’s Why Our Education System Need A Serious Upgrade

Some education is better than no education, agreed. But is that enough? The least we can do is question the basic principles of our current education system and what better steps we can take to improve it.

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The education system is doing very less to nourish the minds of our kids and youth, its only focused on rote learning and scoring maximum in exams so that their school name is praised in newspapers.

No extracurricular or challenging thinking is encouraged, only repetition. Sure it will get you into a good medical school for free, but what does it do if we look at a bigger picture? The problem is it does absolutely ‘nothing’ and that’s bad, ‘nothing’ is not good, it’s dangerous. We need progress not just identical doctors and engineers.

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When Carl Rogers believed that humans were naturally propelled towards growth, he experimented with creating a school system where students were given free will, they did whatever they wanted whether art or mathematics and even decided their schedules themselves, he found out that the school was a 100 percent success.

Now it is not to be said that we should make all our schools free, but just that we should encourage freedom of thought and expression and not just robotic teaching, so that each child can reach his or her own individual potential by effective learning and not by force or stress.

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Most people who come out of private schools where the studies are more concept based, intriguing, extracurricular and sports is encouraged, art and theatre is encouraged, the students in general from such schools in Pakistan, come out more enlightened and aware. Then why not make that a norm and encourage such principles in all government schools and change a generation and hence the entire future of our country.

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Where schooling is not decided by social class but where everybody has an equal opportunity to grow. A country such as ours where there is huge potential, is in serious need of an upgrade of its monotonic education system, and then wait till you see an Einstein in every corner and a Picasso in every street.

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