Here’s Why Comparison Is Toxic

‘The reason why we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind the scenes with everyone else’s highest reel’ -Steven Furtick.

It is true even more so today, given the large hold that Instagram has over our lives. While it comes inevitable that when you see someone living the life you long for, you might feel a little like you’re missing out. However comparing yourself to others to the point of depression is toxic. This is the trend that has been arising in today’s culture where every moment is for public display. People tend to forget the struggles other people face in their real lives and chose to see only that is visible.

All of this creates a toxic cycle of jealousy which is not based on anything and completely unhealthy. Comparing yourself to others anyhow is a way for misery because you only end up hurting yourself in the end. If anything, we should have other people inspire us to do better instead. Two people can never be the same, which doesn’t mean that one has to be better, it simply means that each is their own independent person with their own path and pace, and if we try to become like someone we’re not then who exactly are ‘we’ ?

What people show might not always be the whole picture, we never get to see the struggles only the results, so the least we can do is to genuinely be happy for their little happiness. It is easy to fall victim to this emotionally draining cycle that’s makes you doubt your self-worth. There is never a benchmark for anything, the only benchmark we should have is ourselves, and how to be the better version of the individual that we already are.


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