Here’s What Deepika Padukone Has To Say About Married Life

With the dates of her wedding announced just a few days back, everybody is eagerly waiting for what the couple has to say after the huge news because accept it or not, Deepveer wedding for all of us desis is the equivalent of The Royal Wedding.

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As Deepika spoke for the first time with Times of India after her engagement to beu Ranveer, this is what she had to say:

Of course I am excited, it is the same way that I’m excited about signing my next film. Marriage is something I have looked forward to in my life as would any other girl. When it does happen, it will be exciting, it should be exciting. I don”t see why my life should change at all. 

I have seen my parents do it so well and so successfully and for me that’s what I would like my married life to be as well. I think they have a beautiful relationship, the way they have managed their professional life and being together and in every way they have set a benchmark for me and my sister and I would love for it to be that way’ 

It’s a beautiful message indeed especially for all of those who believe they need to change or give up after marriage or the ones who believe their life has to ‘start’ after marriage. Everybody should just keep doing their ‘thing’ and marriage is also a part of life, not a hurdle or an ultimate milestone, we should just learn to balance everything that is happening in our lives and everything that is important to us.


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