Here’s the Best Smartphone of 2018 So Far

Today, we are caught in a whirlwind of technology. Latest inventions are being made public day by day. A huge industry in technology is of smartphones. In an attempt to gain more sales, the smartphone manufacturing tech giants like Samsung, Apple and Google are adding new and new hi-tech features we couldn’t even have dreamt about. From touch screen to eye and motion gestures, virtual and augmented reality, the world of technology has progressed surprisingly quick for mobile phones.

With its debut on 11th March, 2018, Samsung Galaxy S9 plus might just have become the best smartphone of 2018. With a surprisingly low price for such an advanced mobile phone, it has become a favorite for the Samsung customers. The Samsung S9 plus is being called a “beauty with brains”. Though it looks almost similar to the last year’s S8, it houses a surprisingly advanced system. After S8, S9 plus has come forward to take the throne of the smartphones and the price only ranges from 90,000 to 101,000 rupees depending on the storage capacity you want.

iphone X vs S9

The Samsung S9 plus has a huge display of 6.2-inch curved “infinity” OLED screen and an ultra-high definition resolution of 1440×2960 pixels. Boasting the newest android 8.0 (OREO) and a 64-bit octa core system operating at 4×2.8 and 4×1.7 GHz to support it, the smartphone also has a huge amount of RAM at 6GB. It has a storage space ranging from 64GB to 256GB depending on the model. It also has an audio jack which has been missed bitterly for the other latest phones. It can support MicroSD cards up to 400GB. That’s a huge increase compared to the 256GB support of iPhone X. It also has a battery capacity of 3500mAh which is much greater than 2700mAh of iPhone X and Google Pixel 2.

galaxy s9 looks

It also has more sensors than the iPhone X and Google Pixel 2, adding the Iris Sensor, Light Sensor, Face Recognition Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Barometer, Pressure Sensor and Fingerprint Sensor. It has a front camera with 8MP of resolution, and a F1.7 aperture. It has dual back cameras each 12 MP with up to 10x magnification. The wide-angle camera has an adjustable aperture while the telephoto camera has a fixed F2.4 aperture. The newly added feature is the AR emoji. It has been experiencing problems and is expected to be solved in future updates. The cameras also support slow-mo videos at 1080p and 240fps and super slow-mo video recording at 760p and 960fps.

samsung s9 specs

With these new and innovative features and an unexpectedly low price, this monster smartphone surely deserves the topmost name in all the smartphones released to date.


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