Here’s How People Scam You in the Name of “Earning Online”

May the authorities read it. Amen!

With the boom of internet and e-commerce and rapid transitions of small businesses into online web spaces, earning online at home has become an ease rather a trend. It is a comfortable and great assistance especially for the students who want to earn in their part time and make a pocket full of money. In this context people also get looted, mostly in Pakistan where cybercrime was payed no heed until the act introduced now.

I myself as a beginner was scammed by an organization in the similar context. It is an online site domain-named “”, which says that they incepted in 2011 and are very much proud of what they have achieved by now, offers six categories of tasks and different packages with separate registration fees ranges (1000-3000). They have a Govt. of Pakistan’s LOGO with a button saying that they are an FBR approved site and an office site in Peshawar.

Here's How People Scam You Earning Online

I was overwhelmingly happy when I saw that the tasks were easy and unlike popular websites you did not have to wait to get any orders and were given tasks on hourly basis. They offered a payment of up to PKR 2000 per week which makes a maximum of PKR 8000 per month.

Voila! I was a billionaire in my mind with the plan I had to save money. I applied and got response very quickly to register the fee as soon as possible so that my office may get started. I paid PKR 1000(from my own pocket money) from an easypaisa account and waited for reply from their referral (a female) to give me some tasks. Meanwhile I planned for all the things I could do now, all the stuff I could buy.

Here's How People Scam You in the Name

They vanished, into thin air. I waited for an eternity before I realized that “Man, I have got plundered”. Shout out to all the university students: “You know what the pain is like to lose a K from your money even if it was one”. In denial I ranged their phones-all of them, again and again but didn’t get any reply. I did get a confirmation message saying that someone has received money. I clicked on every button on their site in desperation, when I clicked at the FBR’s certificate button it showed me the same page again and again with the URL ending with a hashtag “” which means “Address not specified” in web development.

I thought about going to NAB or anything but first I wanted to tell all of the people out there seeking home earning lavishness to be aware of these kind of scams, because loosing money apart- IT HURTS!

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  1. hey Im Sonia Akmal Qureshi im a lawyer and a journalist Im doing a research paper on cyber frauds that has to be presented in an international conference and i have added your article as a case study. i need lil more information on this can you plz contact me via email or any thing you find comfortable.

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