Here’s How A Truck Artist Is Promoting Girls Education By Truck Art

Meet Hayat Khan, a noble truck artist that says he finds satisfaction by putting his art work to a good use and that of a meaningful message of promoting girls education. Khan who is 35, has painted animals, plants and celebrities his entire life but that never gave him the pride and self-satisfaction that a cause like this does.

Hayat paints pictures of young girls surrounded by books but says that majority of truck owners didn’t want this on their trucks and it took a lot of convincing on his part but eventually they came aboard and now the demand has ever increased, which makes him even more proud.

An image that he painted is of a young girl from a village in a school uniform and a school bag full of books, it also reads:

kam umri aur zabardasti ki shadi kabil saza jurm hai

Or in other words,  ‘To forcefully marry off girls at a young age is a punishable crime’

Hayat Khan’s son, Tahir Khan has also joined in on the mission to promote his fathers cause and it definitely warms our hearts knowing that these people exist who believe in empowering girls. We hope this message of positivity can bring awareness at least on the roads as we could use a lot of more people like Hayat!


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