Here’s An Interesting Look At What Your ‘Blood Type’ Reveals About You

Ever wondered what your blood group has to say about your health? Well then you have come to just the right place. It’s not just good to know the blood type for donor purposes, but each type actually has its specific type of proneness to certain diseases. That’s why blood type matters. Here’s a look at what each type has to say about you:

1.  Heart Diseases: Type A, B and AB

People whose blood group is not O have a higher risk of 15% of dying from heart diseases due the 25-30% higher levels of blood clotting proteins called von Willebrand factor and factor VIII.

2. Lesser Risk Of Blood Clots: Type O

Due to having lower level of blood clotting proteins, people with type O are at a lower risk from it.

3. Fertility Problems: Type O

According to some studies, type O blood type has twice the likeliness of developing follicle stimulating hormones (FSH), which indicates lower ovarian, hence the higher risk of fertility problems in women.

4. Increased Risk Of Gastric Cancer: Type A, B and AB

A bacteria called H. pylori which is also a stomach ulcer causing bacteria is stimulated by an inflammatory response to it, researchers say. Therefore the increased risk of developing gastric cancer.

5. Memory Loss: Type AB

The rarest amongst all but also the most prone to memory loss is type AB , and by a whole 82% a higher risk, according to researchers

6. Diabetes: Type A and B

People with Type A and B are 21% more likely to develop diabetes type 2, the reasons of which are still unclear and being studied.


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