Here is a History of the Horns in Vehicles

All of us are tired of horns. Vehicles with so many sounds are around us all the time and it’s so annoying! No matter what type of car it is, it has the gift of having a horn. Horns are really special because each one makes a similar sound but if you notice, each one has a unique sound. Some are sharp, some shrill and some too lengthy. Some are China made, customized horns. You put this memory chip and voila your favorite song or any Islamic sound becomes your horn. Standing amidst all this noise pollution, have you ever thought why, how or when horn was invented? Let me tell you about that!

In 1830, at Liverpool Railway Station in London, there was an inauguration ceremony of a new train called the Rocket. The prime minister and duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley was the chief guest at the ceremony. Some other politicians were also attending the ceremony one of them was the financier of the cabinet William Huskisson. He had some kidney disease and limped while walking. The doctors had suggested him a bed rest but he ignored the advice and went anyway. It was because he wanted to repair his relationships with the Duke.


The only system they had for warning the people if any train was coming was an announcement, with a man shouting. The prime minister was being buttered by the financier when the announcer announced of the arrival of the train. “An engine is approaching. Take care, gentlemen!”, said the announcer. Now the prime minister and the financier were literally standing on the railway track. The prime minister, the healthy fellow ran and jumped on the safe side, but the financier, Huskisson, the poor limping fellow could not save himself from being the victim of swiftly arriving train and got fatally wounded. He died after a short while.

That incident happened to be the first railway causality and a point to ponder, about a system of warning people in a different way. Hence horns were invented. Either we like them or not, but horns are a blessing!


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