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The world is full of sufferings but it is also full of desires to win Helen Keller

A hero is like a candle that spreads the light. A hero can be anyone from Quaid-e-Azam to even your classroom teacher, anyone who can imprint un-diminishable marks on the society by his or her deeds.

Some heroes of our society are silent whose hard work sooner or later makes the noise. They do not need the spotlight and fame and prefer to keep silent but we all know that the one who does good, shines brighter than the stars. It is our duty to appreciate and motivate these rising heroes and help them in their noble works.

One of such unsung heroes of our society is Mrs. Shaheen Rehman, the founder of Madawa welfare society. She along with her associates are trying to impart rehabilitation, education, nourishment and mental age improvement services to mentally and physically handicapped special children on self help/minor donations from friends basis. It is no doubt a very gigantic task without any significant assistance from the government and other big philanthropic individuals/organizations.

Mrs. Shaheen Rehman established Madawa Welfare Society on 5th July, 2002 with the encouragement of her family after completing her masters. Her aim was to cater for the needs of mentally and physically handicapped students who belonged from the slum areas of Karachi and whose parents cannot provide proper meals to their children, what to say for their special needs to make them useful members of society.

She started this noble work on self help basis in one rented room in Gulshan -e- Iqbal with one child. Then the society office was shifted to Dastgir, F.B.Area where they got a rent free house for one year. After operating from there for about 10 years they again shifted to a rented house in 13-D, Gulshan -e-Iqbal.

Mrs. Shaheen Madawa and her associates with their handicapped students
Mrs. Shaheen Madawa and her associates with their handicapped students.

The current strength of the enrolled students is 47. The age span of the students is 9-43 years. These are the children who have grown physically but they lag behind several years in mental age. There are eight teachers in the school who are doing this noble community service at minimum salaries which barely meets their travelling expenses.

All the children are provided with breakfast and lunch daily as their families cannot afford that also. The oldest special child is 43 years old but with mental age of just 10 years old.

According to the Mrs. Shaheen Madawa the school is totally dependent on donations and the management is facing an uphill task to meet the ever increasing monthly expenses. Moreover they cannot enroll new students due to paucity of funds/resources, although they are under tremendous pressure from ever increasing number of extremely poor parents of special children. These parents want to get their children enrolled in the school in order to make them responsible citizens of the society besides being got fed at least two times a day.

Madawa welfare society is planning to establish a hospital in future where the poor and needy will be treated free. It is also planning to establish a hospital for physically and mentally handicapped children. This facility will be available around the clock. Mrs. Shaheen Rehman and her associates would like to see them as honorable, independent and useful citizens of Pakistan.

I strongly appreciate the courage and virtuous attitude of Mrs. Shaheen Rehman and her associates who can feel the pain of the society and are working for the well-being of others without being ego centric. They are the real winners trying to make the future of Pakistan brighter.

It’s our duty to give recognition to such heroic personalities and proper projection of their contribution to the society will definitely motivate others. I hereby congratulate Mrs. Shaheen Rehman and her associates for their great service to society and hope that more people will follow their footsteps.

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