Help “Green Squad” In Purifying Air You Breathe!

We studied, deforestation, in class five, there was a question which asked what the disadvantages of deforestation and we are wrote, floods, environmental change, forest fire, destruction of natural habitat. All of it seemed mere curriculum then, sadly, all those things have become reality now. All the Islamabadis observed the fire at Margalla, in its early days even the officials ignored it. But when the summer reached its mid-May intensity and every body got burnt, then finally they blistered up. Finally, the community is realizing that cutting all the trees, devastating the nature by BBQs and unextinguished fire, this lethargic behavior towards proper dumping of garbage are the reasons due to which not even a puff of cool breeze is available.

Help Green Squad In Purifying Air You Breathe

No rain made it even worse, the temperature here at Islamabad and Rawalpindi the vey cities people come to find relief from the ferocious summer were on fire, I am not even saying this metaphorically this time. So many trees were cut down in the past few years and only a fraction of them were grown back. Now this barren alert is literally dangling over our heads and it is the right in fact the only time to boot up and plant trees everywhere.
In this context recently some under-grads of COMSATS University took a leap forward and started a campaign under their own society known as “Green Squad”. They are a bunch of students who planted trees every weekend and commemorated days of nature around the calendar, but now they are gathering as an army to plant trees their aim is to make Pakistan lush green again.

Help Green Squad In Purifying Air You Breathe!

The team is lead by Hanzila Mubashar who is very active in fostering the nature through his efforts. They have planned to plant as many trees as possible in the twin cities, specifically in Margalla their aim is to plant 25000 trees. In the current phase they are collecting money for buying trees and utensils for their operation which is scheduled to be in July (When Monsoon hits).

Green squad has been recognized now by many TV channels and Universities. They even had a meeting with the mayor. You can also help Green Squad by donating them in this act they are performing to preserve the quality of the air you breathe in.


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